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My friend Lee Wieland

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Dear Head-fiers,


Some of you might have heard the news of Lee Wielands untimely passing. I got a call Monday the 22nd from a friend who told me about the bad news. Lee was the owner of small niche cable making company just like ALO audio. We made some of the same interconnects sold to the same customers. However we found common ground in all the trials and difficulties in running a small business. I used Lee’s business to treat all my materials that made my cables. Then one day the bulk of my materials grew such that it made more business sense to do the treatments in house at my shop. Shipping all this material to his shop and back was expensive and took time to complete. I felt that Lee would really not take this news well and I really worried about the decision. Here I am a cable maker like him now I am going to start cryo treating as well? When I told him that it made more sense for me to just cryo my gear in house, he not only understood my position but also assisted me in finding the correct cryo processor and assisted us with our cryo profiles?! I was really blown away by how genuine and kind Lee was. We had a long history of sharing our knowledge of part vendors and how to properly do assemble things as well as little secrets in the trade etc.., but this act of kindness and goodwill in my opinion the distillation of what a wonderful soul Lee Wieland was. He will be so missed and this makes me so cherish the close people around me in this business, you know who you are.


Here are some important links from Marjorie who is the organizer at RMAF.


If you would like to send a note or check to the family directly, you can send them to this address:


The Weiland Family
Robin (
Lee's widow), Jaymie, David, Kiefer, Julianne, and Brittney
982 East 900 South
Spanish Fork, UT 84660


Here is a link from last year's RMAF where Lee was a member of the panel, Embracing The Industry's Future:

Here are links to Lee's website where his dearest friend, Josh Heiner from Sonicweld, has published the eulogy he loving wrote, as well as a farewell on PFO beautifully written by Michael Mercer, the moderator of the above panel.


I thank you for your time and generosity.

Be well, Marjorie


Thank you,





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Hi Ken,


This is really good of you to post on your forum.  I just donated via RMAF.


RIP, Lee - and wishing all the best for your family and friends who are going to miss you.  Sorry

I never got to meet you in person, but I enjoyed corresponding via Audiocircle...



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