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The Stir it up looks nice. The others look ugg-ly.   I heard their cheapest model . The sound was ok. If I get a pair, I would need it through listening my ipod or iphone . Atleast   HOM won't  break when you drop them like  Skull Candy beyersmile.png

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Some of these look real nice. Any thoughts/reviews on the clarity and actual sound of these?

Check em out






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the xeodus looks really nice

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These guys set up shop around my campus today. I tried their revolution headphones, and they sounded pretty good. Very comparable to other phones in the $90-$120 range. 


I used my iPhone 4S, unamped, but played several lossless tracks through them. They would benefit from a little amping, but overall, I was very pleased with the sound. 

I'm not terribly fond of on-ear headphones, but they didn't squeeze my ears too much. :)

Sound-wise, the bass definitely kicks nicely, and goes pretty low. It's what I would call just right for most people's tastes. Deep and thumpy, but not so overpowered it muddies everything else. 

The Mids are clear, and while I wouldn't call them forward, they stand out a bit and are very rich, something I really enjoyed while listening to M83's Skin of the Night. Both, the male and female vocals were fun to listen to. 

The Treble is quite nice. Crisp, and sparkly, but not too harsh. There was a small amount of sibilance.


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^^ I have exact same impression about these.They sounded perfectly okay. They were not as colorful as HTF600 but bass was tighter than it and when I pumped up the bass in equalizer it really became more defined. But turning bass too much caused it to get muddy and undesirable, whereas HTF600 can handle more bass through equalizers. Also HTF600 has little more soundstage than Revolution, but that is obvious. All in all, I like the fact that these Revolution headphones have tight and ok level bass without any tinkering and crisp mids and highs.Cant comment about dynamic range as my ears are still untrained to judge it all that well. Also, sound is REALLY loud on the revolution, I had to turn it down to 30% volume to match my regular listening volume.

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I got to listen to the Redemption Song Headphones today and I was really impressed! I really wanted to get Hd-25's for my first on ears, but I don't know anymore. These sounded really really good.
Can you go into more detail as to how they sound. Thinking about buying these but I don't want to spend $200 on crappy sounding headphones
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skull candys dont use recyclable material house of marelys do use recyclable material most skull candys look bulky when you wear house of marleys around you neck they look nice unlike skull candy and house of marley use noise isolating form skull candys dont but then again skull candys are cheaper so its all based on preference. 

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 Also, sound is REALLY loud on the revolution, I had to turn it down to 30% volume to match my regular listening volume.

I think it's just the way they are set up - they are built to be easily driven. That's why they probably wouldn't benefit too much from amping.


Glad your impressions matched mine.

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The Exodus actually has a great review from Tyll over at Innerfidelity. I've listened to them personally and I think they sound fantastic. The headband, on the other hand, was pretty annoying. I've read that the newer models of the Exodus address this.

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I tried my friends revolution too. I use an HTF and compared to that the bass is little more thumpy in the rev. Didnt try equalizing tho. 

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I have the Revolution ones and they are absolutely terrible!
Worse then beats.
Way too bright and bloated with bass that doesnt extend past 100Hz.
Way too boomy and loud! My ears hurt so bad after listening to a song that wasnt even boomy and i was on 70% volume. Sorry if it sounds like im bashing Marley but they really arent good. I am attempting to sell them but nobody on Kijiji (like CraigsList) wants anything but Dre. Beats!
Id buy em for $5!
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