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House of marley? hmm?

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Some of these look real nice. Any thoughts/reviews on the clarity and actual sound of these?

Check em out





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IMO wayyy over priced.

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skull candy with a cause.


"For every product you purchase, a portion of your money goes to 1Love causes that focus on charities that benefit youth, planet and peace."


Simpsons quote:


Newspaper editor: ...And to protect Mother Earth, each copy contains a certain percentage of recycled paper.
Lisa: And what percent is that?
Newspaper editor: Zero.
(Lisa frowns)
Newspaper editor: Zero’s a percent.
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I'd rather buy good headphones and donate money myself to charity.

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 but ... it's for ... world peace ...


For House of Marley, that probably means more funny grass in rolling papers ... rolleyes.gif

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They were announced at CES early this year. To be fair those pictures don't really do the headphones justice but they've dropped some of the prettier models since the original announcement. There were some claims that Sleek Audio had a hand in the tuning of these but I'm not sure those were ever confirmed.

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You can now pick up selected sets at their website and also at best buy. None of the higher end models are available yet however. 

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I'm receiving a pair of IEMs from their Jamming line, the "People Get Ready" earphones to review. I'm not expecting much, but if they sound half as good as they look, I may have a new entry level pair to recommend to friends who don't care entirely about sound.

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^ waiting for impressions popcorn.gif


the destiny collection seem to have earphones made of wood
Redemption Song Earphones

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I finished my review of the People Get Ready IEMs. Come check it out here.

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look really good, did a great job with that.

apparently they are absolute garbage when it comes to any sound quality..... nxt generation skullcandy...

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Here is a brief review I found of their flagship IEM,

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Originally Posted by impruv View Post

Here is a brief review I found of their flagship IEM,

That was a horrible review.

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I got to listen to the Redemption Song Headphones today and I was really impressed! I really wanted to get Hd-25's for my first on ears, but I don't know anymore. These sounded really really good.

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