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Originally Posted by Cirric View Post

It does not take much to modify these headphones into submission. Amazon has a leather snap on for the band and you can add velour ear cups for comfort. The center decals that look like graphite were also on Amazon. Just the whimsical side of me!

Can you post the links to the pads and the leather snap?

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Here you go on the strap and velour cups...





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Late addition to this thread. I have the JVC HA-S400 and these Monoprice 8323. I have to say I prefer the Monoprice to the JVC, decisively. I haven't tried the S500 so I don't know if they're significantly superior or not. The JVC definitely have a number of things going for them, they seem to have a clearer sound in some ways, but the Monoprice, to my ear, have a smoother sound at a wider range of volumes --- the sound is more spacious, more extended.


One thing I noticed --- the Monoprice sounded better with the thin, short cable than the thick, longer one (which surprised me a bit). The longer cable may simply have too much impedance.

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