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lol when it comes to IEMS, i've owned 2 pairs of UE 700s and 4 pairs of MetroFi 220s, i just love their strong bass and the fact that they're good for ipod/mp3, they're basically only for working out.


for listening at home, i only have 1 pair of HD 650s but plan on buying a second pair because i want a new pair that ill take care of better. the grills, pads, and cable are bad on mine as well as one of the drivers, it costs almost the same as a new pair to replace them so i will just rebuy it. ill probably sell the old pair for dirt cheap or give to a friend. i can never give up the hd 650, i just love its sound signature, its a little too laid back at times but its a good overall can which doesn't fall too far back in any one area.