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I'm a total whack job. Are you?

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Hey folks!

This is nuts. I just reacquired the Grado 225. For the 4th time!! Out of the 9 Grados I've owned. Why? I have no idea. Every time I think I'm out, Grado just sucks me right back. Lmao

I know repurchasing a headphone one might of regretted selling makes some sort of sense. What I want to ask everyone is, how many of you have bought and sold and bought again a headphone more than twice? What made you do it? I can't be the only one that's lost my sanity. Or am I?

Let me know.

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I had a passionate affair with the RS-1 for a good while. Then I burned out on the sound signature and went back to the HD-600/650 (I'm torn between the two) and ultimately sold those and settled in with the HD-800. I don't think I'll buy another RS-1, but you never know.

When I get in the mood for a little coloration, I like the warm push-pull EL34 amp on my speakers.
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I've bought the HD600 and HD650 2 or 3 times.  It's because they have excellent frequency response, and I always want to try them again because they seem like I should like them.  And I do think they have one of the best FR out there at any price, but they sound dull to me, what I suspect is a damping or speed issue.  Gets better with TOTL amps but I've never wanted to invest that much in amping.  I don't think I'll be buying them again.  After listening to orthos they sound even slower. 

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Two Monitor 10's, one for back up. A second K240 DF is on its way, one for back up. Too bad I lost the auction on the K500.

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I might be the worst...


I owned the DT-990 years ago and bought it a second time.

I've owned all versions of the DT-880 just to see which one I've liked the most! I prefer the 32ohm version.


I had the K701 back in 2003 or 2004 and it was probably not driven well. Bought it again when I got my Asgard and didn't like that combination so I got rid of it.

When I got my E9 I tried again and it sounded so much better (better synergy) that I even upgraded my amp to something better!! Turns out on all amps it had too much treble, so I got rid of it. If I was rich I would have kept it for gaming only. In total I've owned the K702/K701 about 4 times. I have a lot/hate thing for this headphone. I prefer the K601/K501.


In early 2011 I bought an HD-650 and it sounded quite good but in the end I didn't love it's signature. Tried the HD-600 and found it was a step down in some areas. So what do I do? Buy the HD-650 again to compare it! It turns out my 2nd HD-650 didn't sound as good as my first! I should point out that I did previously own these back in 2004 also but hated them, but that was probably due to be under-amped and the old version.With my new pair I was able to tweak it's sound to my liking with cables and amps, but I just decided it was not for me. I hate its bass.


Luckily I've only owned the HD-600 twice.


I also had a K601 and it was terrible with the Asgard. My new one on a different amp sounds a LOT better.


I've now owned the DJ100 FOUR times..

first pair I killed

second I modded to open

third pair I wanted to be closed

fourth is on the way. Most to do some burn-in testing. Yes, I'm weird.


I've also owned the D2000 twice. First time I hated it because of not having a desktop amp. Second time I liked it a lot more. It's sounds very very good out of the Asgard!

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I've had the 225 twice. Still have the second one, although currently it's in pieces. I think I bought the first one because of something you said in a post. That was a little over a year ago, right after I joined head fi. Over in the SR60 mod thread I know of at least one head fier that has multiple 225's. It's like a super 60 IMO, richer, fuller, bolder but retains a lot of the fun factor of an SR60. I got the second one essentially to see how the 60 in wood stacked up against the 225 in wood. The verdict is the 60 got richer, fuller, and bolder due to the wood but so did the 225.


...and relative to tdock your perfectly sane biggrin.gif

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RS2i twice

325 twice

225 twice


ER4s three times

DT880 twice


I'm sure there are more that I cant remember...

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RS1/RS1i twice....that said, we're all a little wacky with the $ we spend on gear.


But my opinion stands, best bang for your buck Grado is the SR225/225i.

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Oh yeah. I've owned the AKG 70x 3 times also. smily_headphones1.gif
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Oh shoot. The HE5LE twice. Lmao
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Not really that much, but I've owned 4 MDR-V150's. They were only $20 though, but man, I loved those things. Perfect for carrying places...pretty comfy too.

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Originally Posted by MacedonianHero View Post

RS1/RS1i twice....that said, we're all a little wacky with the $ we spend on gear.


But my opinion stands, best bang for your buck Grado is the SR225/225i.

Speak for yourself Im totally ******* normal and sane. confused_face.giftongue_smile.gifeek.gif
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Dude I'm the same friggin way. All common sense told me to get the 580's and get out of head-fi. I kept coming back to lurk then I eventually built a mini collection of the **** things.


60: 2 times

80: 2 times

80i: 1 time

125: 2 times

225: 2 times


Right now I am currently bogged down with one of each of the old school non "i" line up to the 225. Logic again dictates that I should just keep the best one, or just sell them already (recabled ones would sell for a little more) and buy my dream one but for some reason I like coming home to all of them organized in their pizza boxes on my bookshelf.


I gotta quit head-fi man, this hobby has been ruining me for years LOL

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i found some cheap iems that sounded extremely good, with no overblown bass, sweet mids and detailed, but smooth highs for 3.99€ each, so i figured they would break, and i invested and bought 20 of them.

they cost me about 65€ (they gave me a discount ;P), but those 65€ were the best i ever spent...

the phones never broke, and i ended up giving away most of them to my "audio friends" 

i still have 4 unopened pairs here ;P

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The HD580 was my first Headwize/Head-fi HPs, and now I have an HD600.


A-T (in order):






I thought I was finished, but am now convinced I have the proper synergy now for the 1000/5000, which was lacking in the past.  

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