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Crimp tool for jacks?

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Anyone know how to crimp 3.5mm jacks properly and the tool used?
Im fed up of my messy squashed mess looking attempts that hold nothing,
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Yeah, crimping does that. smily_headphones1.gif

I usually crimp with a big pair of plumbing pliers. Gets a lot of leverage on it and makes a physical connection - the parts actually weld themselves together with enough force.

But the plastic sleeve doesn't look too good after.

I'd cut the plastic sleeve off before crimping and slide some heatshrink over the wire. After crimping, use pliers to get the crimped area as round as possible. You can usually squeeze it a bit more. Then you can slide the heatshrink over the joint and shrink it. Not entirely clean-looking, but better than a mangled sleeve.

You can also try soldering the wire to the connector. If you haven't soldered, it's easy. You can learn in an hour or two.
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Do u have any pics?
Thats abit confusing lol

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Sorry, no pics, but it's simple.

Heatshrink comes in long tubes. Cut off about an inch.

Slide that over the wire.

After crimping, slide the heatshrink back up and pull it over the crimped joint.

Use a lighter or other heat source to shrink the heatshrink.

If you don't know what it looks like, go to Radio Shack and ask for heatshrink. What you need to do will be really obvious when you see it.
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I know what you mean but i want to know how to crimp the strain relief to the cable properly, like is theee a special crimp tool that does this

Whenever i do it it just does nothing and doesn't really hold the cable but iv seen something used that curls the relief around and tucks it in really neatly

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I put a half of a firecracker in the plug and it crimps it for meL3000.gif

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There are crimping tools, but I like to use the big pliers. Something like a 14" handle. Lots of leverage and even the thick aluminum ones crimp easily.

I've also used a hammer in a pinch, but don't recommend it. smily_headphones1.gif
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Just put it between your molars and bite down.  If you have a pet alligator, this is optimal for crimping down stuff like BNCs.

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