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Weird grease like material?

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Sometimes when I put my headphones down on a piece of paper for longer than 10 minutes, I come back and find what looks like grease where the leather part of the headphones was resting on the paper. This phenomenon is exacerbated by placing the headphones on wax paper. Strangely enough, when i touch the headphones themselves they are not greasy and do not smell weird. Is this what they call "synthetic grease"? And if so, how do I get rid of it?

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Skin oil?


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yup skin oil, just wipe it after each use

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Or you could be a mutant....


For real thou clean the pads very thoroughly after every use, I learned my lesson the hard way with my M50 pads awhile ago

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Yep, partially from you. Leather is also tanned with various oils, too. Some of that might leach out from contact with you.
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Get some oil wipes so you minimize the amount of oil the pleather picks up when you wear them.  

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Audiophile juice

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Is there a safe way to clean these oils off of velour pads without damaging the foam cushioning inside them? That's the part that worries me. 

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Skin oils are quite common, I occasionally notice such on the back of my Klipsch Custom 3 where the body touches my ears.

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