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HD 202 or Portapro or any other?

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Hi there, I'm a newcomer here in need of some help. Looking for a good headphone which is not too costly. I've never had a good headphones so looking to start somewhere. I  tried the HD 202 at a store yesterday and I really liked the sound, not mindblowing but I think that's what I get for the money. Read some reviews of the Koss Portapro and from what I read, I quite liked it,even liked the design. These Headphones may be under £30 but if there's another headphone I really like I can go upto £50 ($80'ish ?). Some other phones I am looking at are the Senn PX-100/PX-200, AKG K450, HD4*8 series (but the reviews say not enough bass :/ ), Audio Technica ATH-WS55 ( though out of range, but if i get a good price I may go for it). I mainly listen to Metal and Rock and am not exactly a basshead but I like some good Bass present in the sound. Would be great if someone could help me. Been in the search for over 2 weeks now and it's getting a little frustrating now. Had bought ATH-M50 for £55 after reading the reviews only to find out they are fakes :/, in the process of a refund now. So please help this poor chap here. Thanks in advance.

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All M50s under about $100 are going to be fakes.


If you don't need portable, try out the Superlux series.


If you do need something a bit more portable, try these:


They're better sounding than Superluxes, but more expensive. They're designed a bit like the M50, physically.

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I have the KSC35 which use the same drivers as the Porta Pro, and they are more transparent, neutral and open sounding than my HD-202.  But the HD-202 are more fun colored for rock music or movies and offer decent isolation.


Personally their both so cheap that you could get both. But I think the KSC35 come closer to a $70-100 Grado than a $40 headphone should.  I put mine in a $1.99 partsexpress.com headband and don't use the ear clips.


The PX100 are a little darker sounding, like a mini version of HD650 without all the micro-detail.  I think the 202 might be a little more fun sounding with cheap amps, but the PX100 do improve a bit with a good amp.  Be careful, the PX100 has a lot of fakes out there.


I haven't heard a lot of the other phones in this price range.  One that stands out is the Nuforce UF-30 which once it has a lot of burn-in sounds fairly transparent with a big soundstage, but with a little bit of a "U" shaped frequency response.  But fortunately it doesn't have those honky sounding upper mids of the Grado SR-60 for the same price.



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My brother does all of his music production on HD 202s. I listened to them for a while and enjoyed the sound. It was bright sounding, with a sub bass roll off (probably around 70-100 hz) that was very noticeable when compared to my m50s. They did guitar and vocals very well.

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Originally Posted by soundstige View Post

All M50s under about $100 are going to be fakes.


Yeah, learnt the lesson. 


And thanks for all your suggestions. Does anyone know how are the HD 448's? is the bass that low? and what about 438's and 428's? Would anyone suggest JVC headphones? 

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