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Originally Posted by TrollDragon View Post

Good to have you back in thread HF!
Not too much Ultrasone Love here in quite a while.




Thanks TD!!!!!


Awesome pic that deserves quoting!!!!!!!!   :beerchug:



Originally Posted by pietcux View Post

It's maybe because Ultrasone did not bring out any new model but the ridiculous priced new Edition model. Come on Ultrasone shoot us some new Hfi /DJ or PRO cans.



Very true pietcux.  I'm still waiting for the HFI-880 & HFI-980 to add to my collection.  :D

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Here is another pic for the thread HF, just a close up of my HFI-780`s removable jack and my new DIY cable.

HM5 pads as well for much Ultrasone Comfort Love!

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Here is one of your`s of the Pro 550`s, LD I+ and Matrix Mini-i, I hope you don't mind. ;)


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Today's grocery rig, HFI-780's from the FiiO X3. A little ZZ Top "Chrome, Smoke & BBQ" makes for a fine shopping experience. smily_headphones1.gif

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Awesome TD!!!

And thanks for helping me resist the urge to buy the X3. Lol
It's been in my Amazon cart for four days.
How do the sones sound with it?

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Thanks HF!

The X3 has a great sound and the X5 is supposed to have much more detail and a bigger sound stage... But we have a new firmware coming for the X3 in the next few days, so the sound we know now might just in fact change after the Matrix is rebooted!


The separate bass and treble controls allow you to dial up the sound as you like and much power to drive most headphones with ease. Actually I think I still had the treble at -10 and the bass at +20 from having the Koss TBSE's attached, I thought it sounded a bit weird with the 'Sones... :blink:


So... Did you decide on a player yet? The X5 of DX90?

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Well, honestly TD I have been leaning towards the X3.  Been trying to keep up with the X3, X5, DX50 & DX90 threads.  Don't know if I want to spend the $150 or so more on the X5 yet.  Gapless playback is a must and from what I gather it seems to work great on the X3, except for some posters stating it has glitches on hi-rez gapless whereas some others say it works great.


For the price with a 64gb card it's kinda hard to pass up.

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Yah HF,

I totally understand, too many to choose from and all have bugs or quirks of some sort. I only had the X3/DX50 for a choice when I picked up mine unless I wanted to wait...

You might want to have a look at this xuelin DAP, dual Wolfson and supposedly sounds really close to the AK120, or so the guys say on SG and its in the price range.

Or wait till the new firmware drops on the X3 to see what kind of new issues pop up if any and yeah it is a great value with a 64GB card, 128GB as well once the price comes down on those.
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Anybody have any info on the new headphone Ultrasone is hinting about on their web site?

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Let us keep an eye on the Asian market. Ultrasone seems to like to launch products there.
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I have the Ultrasone Pro 750, plugged into an Little Dot MK II tube amp. I love them!

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My everyday (commuting) rig : Neutron on Galaxy Note 3 -> Fiio E12 -> Ultrasone Pro 750.

Bass boost on and a bit of equalizing = pleasure ^_^
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I am a very happy owner of the Pro 750 for nearly 6 years (purchased in December 2008).  I have listened to them frequently (almost on a daily basis) since they were first "burned in" about 3 days after I bought them. 

Mostly, I listen to them plugged into a sound board and not a dedicated headphone amp.  I use the original cables.   They sound magnificent!


Here is a link to a short review I wrote about them:



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Have you tried them with an amp before? I assume you have. They are good without an amp, but sound really good with one.

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