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And for gaming I have the AKG K702. Seems to be the best can for sound whoring..... I online gaming you need something that is very exact for positioning and also something that is super gentle to your skull. The DJ is very good for positional Audio, but the bass is too big for this purpose, it distracts from the game too much. It is super for single player though. I could also use the Ultrasone PRO 550 that I still have, but I prefer an open can for gaming, because I want to keep a little contact to my surroundings even when gaming. The PRO 550 is also a recommended can that has a deep but not overpowering bass combined with non piercing treble and a very good out of the head Sound Feeling nearly as the Sig DJ does. It has the same driver size, but normal magnets and Shares the housing with the other PRO cans like PRO 900 ,PRO 2900, DJ PRO and HFI 2400. And it is technical identical with the DJ PRO.


@ sloomingbla it is piet from Peter and cux from Cuxhaven, Germany That was my hometown, when the Internet came into my life in the last century


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Pietcux, got it haha. Thats cool!

My username comes from every username i wanted being taken, lol
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Should I switch to HFI-2400 from HFI-580? I like HFI-580s alot but one thing I miss, soundstage. I tried my Superlux 668b which are semi open and noticed difference immediately compared to 580s. Does HFI-2400 do any better?

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As far as I recall, I found the PRO 2900 to have the better soundstage as the HFI 2400. But the latter is also quite good in that regard.
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Yes . the HFI2400 has a very good soundstage. Especially enjoyable with Movies. 

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Does HFI-2400 have that nice bass than HFI-580? I find 580 treble very nice, I heard 2400 has worse treble?

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Opinions please :) I have 1 week left to return 580s. I'm very happy with them but would I be even happier with 2400s...?

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Originally Posted by Sasasd View Post

Opinions please :) I have 1 week left to return 580s. I'm very happy with them but would I be even happier with 2400s...?


Ok, I got my 2400s. Still have 580s too. They sounded horrible right out of box, couple hours burn in changed them alot. Comfort is soooo much better. I gotta say I like both but I still need burn in these more and decide later which will i keep (I got extra return time for 580 :) ). I didn't expect sound leak be this much tho...

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Man, am i ever a fan of the signature dj.
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Phone pic of the PRO650s still going strong with a little tube love.






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Hi does the 2200 compared to the rest of the open Ultrasone eg 2500, 2400 or 2900? I'm considering getting a brand new one for 74AUD. Thanks!
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Afaik, they sound quite similar to the HFI2400. But they are quite old, even though they might be unused. Be prepared that the ear cushions and the headband plastic parts will not last eternally. There was a case of someone with a very old version of the PRO 550 who's headband broke soon after hos purchase. And the color schemes of brown silver and orange is also very special.
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Mine are still going strong after 7+ years.  Yes, the headband issue was with the PROline series iirc.







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Good to have you back in thread HF!
Not too much Ultrasone Love here in quite a while.

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It's maybe because Ultrasone did not bring out any new model but the ridiculous priced new Edition model. Come on Ultrasone shoot us some new Hfi /DJ or PRO cans.
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