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Originally Posted by padam View Post

You can find more info about the old Sennheiser family on this great site (with other brands as well)

Thanks for that Japanese site link. It had a few tidbits of Sennheiser info I hadn't previously seen.


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Originally Posted by MDR30 View Post

I only know that Sennheiser promoted Duofol (diaphragm with two diffrent thicknesses for stiffer dome and softer surrounding suspension) with the introduction of the HD590, in 1999. Quote from Sennheiser's press release: "Duofol transducer welds two Mylar films to make one rigid diaphragm. This is light and self damping, reducing resonances in the diaphragm itself and reducing flexing when driven hard."


I think Sennheiser successively implemented this technology in other models as well, which may indicate that there are early and late driver versions of the HD580 and HD600. And maybe the HD250.


Duofol is also mentioned in the marketing of the PX series and the HD555 and HD595.



I found John Borwick's December 1993 Gramophone review of the HD580 where he writes: "A new dual Mylar foil diaphragm is claimed to be self-damping and to have eliminated any distortion due to break-up modes." So this seems to be the first Sennheiser duofol design. His review is quite apt:


"The new transducer design at the heart of these headphones has produced a distinct refinement in performance. Listening to every conceivable type of music, I detected a special degree of resolution of detail and separation of the musical strands. I am always more comfortable with 'open-air' headphones than even the best totally enclosed types. Here I could sense the full space of the recording venue, presumably helped by the crossfeed externally between the two earpieces, and the diffuse field balance chosen by the designers. Stereo spread was close to the synthesized 'natural' sound stage we expect from spaced loudspeakers, instead of the exaggerated L/R divide that many headphones produce. The all-important centre image was still not quite located out front as I would like, but again it did not seem so buried in-head, or at the nape of my neck, as it often is.

Frequency balance was pleasing and wide band, without unwanted emphasis anywhere. This contributed to the refinement I mentioned earlier and made the best recordings sound very lifelike. At the same time there was a tendency to uncover any harshness in the recording or the use of closely placed spot microphones. A certain 'busyness' in the upper treble register was only occasionally responsible for adding brightness to strings or brass, but there was a compensating solidity, if not a spectacular downwards extension, in the bass."


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I just bought a second hand HD250 MK1... IMO i sounds great and very accurate~~ especially i took the foam out and recable it with pure copper cable.

I sounds so open although it's a close can. At some point i think its better than HD650~ but if compare HD560 have more emotion and accurate~

but for me Sennheiser HD250 Mk1 is the real HiFi sounding headphone i ever tried... MDR-SA5000, will get one this May as well then i can make an A-B comparison with HD250 and HD560~

Cheers smily_headphones1.gif
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After i change the cable and the inner foam~ HD250 is a real bass monster~! But at the same time it brings out the mid~ lovin it~


next stop HD540 gold!

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Just got the inner foam for my hd250... For some reason it sounds better without foam smily_headphones1.gif
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