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Open-Back Mod for Denon D2000/5000/7000 - FR Measurements Available! - Updated 11-1-2011 - Page 22

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It looks better open

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It sounds better open :).

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Originally Posted by lee730 View Post

It sounds better open :).


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Ill be trying this soon, if I like it I may see if I can get Martin from Martin Custom Audio to cut a hole, and make it look good at the same time. Has anyone tried making multiple medium sized holes around the perimeter? Kind of where the slant is on the cups, like make a ring of holes maybe? if anyones willing that is. 


Anyone know of a difference in sound when opened between wood and plastic cups? 

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So, wow cant believe how long its been since I posted that. Just tried it, and am listening atm. So far the the punch these things have is impressive. Highs are a little more extended, and pronounced, not too harsh though, atleast yet. Definitely has more air to the sound. 


Loving it for rock atm, cymbals sound awesome. Sound stage is definitely expanded. Bass is much tighter, and punches harder. Im further impressed. Separation seems to have suffered some though, might just be me though. A lot less bass bleed, which is now apparant what that means to me. 


Noticed Martin made some open chambered cups for these that look gorgeous, so tempting...


Edit: trying out some dub step atm, not so impressed tbh. Bass in general has gone down besides punch. Quantity id like to say was reduced by around 1-3Db. If you bought these phones for rock though, do this mod youll fall in love. 

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Pictures? tongue.gif

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Of Martins work? Or just with them off? 

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Both. Just wanted to see your headphones after the mod. It's not everyday people cut holes in their headphones.

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Oh, well prepare to be disapointed. I am NOT going to cut holes in my denons. Maybe do something like marty, but not just cut holes in em. I just tried it by taking the cups off, and raising the earpads. 




Check here for pics of martys open cups. 

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Haha, oh, I see. I wanted to see more cut holes!


Nice work by Martin.

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First off, thanks to hans for bringing this mod to our attention. 
I've been listening extensively to both my 2000 and 7000 without the cups. Some closed cans were never meant to be open (and vice versa), but these Fostex drivers are remarkably versatile. I'm not sure that I could live forever with the D2000 fully open because sibilance, particularly with vocals, might be too much, but on the 7000, tonal balance is almost perfect. Without the cups, sub-40Hz bass roll-off is similar to the 2000, but above 40Hz, the 7000 gets even tighter and better defined, losing none of the oomph and energy at 40Hz to mid-bass. The 7000 is also less sibilant but slightly more detailed and resolving in the upper mids and 1KHz, where the bump without the cups sounds less intrusive on the 7000.
I feel that the differences between the 2000 and 7000 are more prominent with this mod. Using the same wooden cups, the 2000 and 7000 are closer together in performance. If I were to use the D2000 with this mod, I would follow some of the suggestions here on how to lower the 1-2KHz spike because on some recordings, it can be bothersome. Nevertheless, the 2000 modified in this way sounds livelier and better balanced to me than a stock 7000 --and that's not too bad for a $250 headphone with zero dollars in modifications! I already hold the stock 2000 in the highest regard (IMO the best overall under $500 headphone that I've heard).  
I don't ever see myself letting my modified 7000 go. Not since giving up on the sometimes frustrating K1000 and moving onto speakers has a headphone really been able to move me like this. It isn't the absolute ultimate in technical terms, but no other headphone that I've heard has all of its strengths and so few glaring weaknesses (IMO, none). 
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Glad to be of help, even though I was not the originator of this mod! :)


The drivers in these headphones are certainly versatile. I wish I had more money and time to tinker with them, but I kind of lost interest once I got into modding the T50RP. My poor D2000s are gathering dust...still disassembled from the last time I was messing with them. :(

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