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For Sale:
FS: Westone 3

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Time to sell my Westone 3! It's a great device and still in great condition.


I'm the second owner and have had it for slightly over a year. The first owner also had it for about a year. It's still in near-mint condition though--no scuff marks anywhere on the plastic and the cable is still nicely braided.


I have the original box, carrying case, cleaning thingy, all of the tips (except for one pair of Complys) and the attenuator. The only thing missing is the 1/8"->1/4" adapter, let me know if you want a generic one thrown in to replace it. If you're worried about hygiene, I've already washed all of the olives and silicone tips in isopropyl alcohol and washed the Complys in peroxide. They all seem to be in good shape.


I accept PayPal and for $230 I'll ship to the US, $245 to the world. I haven't made any transactions on the forums here since the changeover so while it appears that I don't have feedback--I do! Check my signature for the link.


Thanks for looking


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