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V-MODA CROSSFADE M-80 AUDIO VOYAGE – Reviewers wanted! - Page 12

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I'll go for this! L3000.gif


1. Hard Trance


2. Progressive Trance


3. New Age


Bronx, NY

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is this still on?


Progressive (classic and modern) Rock

Progressive Metal

More progressive stuff


Would have to be shipped to Doral, FL.


By the pricerange they go, would be interesting compatring them with my HD25 and DT1350, now those are big shoes to fill tho.

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1. Hip Hop 

2. Dubstep

3. Acoustic rock 

I like the fun sound of the V-moda Crossfades. I hope to find that same fun sound with a little more sq, and I would love to get started on a review. 

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1) classic/alternative rock,

2) electronica/dubstep,

3) old school rap


Storrs, CT

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1. Experimental

2. Dance/Electronic

3. Acoustic


Chicago, Illinois, USA

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1. (psychedelic/progressive) rock
2. Blues
3. World music(Rodrigo y Gabriela, Amadou & Mariam)

The Netherlands
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Originally Posted by VictorHalgaard View Post

Metal (All kinds from Hard Rock to Death Metal etc.)

World Music (From Celtic and australian aboriginal music, to mongolian throat-singing - Everything!)

Electronic (All genres)


Århus, Denmark


I've done reviews for a local magazine before, and i am always available online. And as a student I am always on the go so the durability should get a decent run for its money.

Kind regards:

Victor Halgaard  



Victor - we didn't test M-80 with mongolian throat-singing, but we will now!  Have any tunes we should try? 

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Hip Hop




Pullman, WA

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San Francisco-Bay Area

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Rock (The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Panic at the Disco, Franz Ferdinand)

J-Rock/Pop (The Pillows, FLOW, Asian Kung Fu Generation)

Orchestra (Soundtracks/Classical. Hans Zimmer, John Williams, Harry Gregson Williams, Erik Satie to name a few)


San Luis Obispo, California (Listed in the Oprah Book Club as the Happiest City in the United States)

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Hope I made it in time.

1. Classical

2. Hiphop

3. Soul


Brooklyn, NY.

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classic rock

pop/hiphop \


belmont, MA 

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Math Metal




Warsaw, Poland

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sf bay, ca.

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San Diego, ca.

Classic rock
Rap and r&b

I would love to take this challenge on. I listen to headphones daily in my lab, as I am a chemist. I am always looking to improve my experience. Music makes me happy and I let go. I also like to make highly analytical reviews of what I use in my daily life...comes from my science background. I would go above and beyond for this challenge.
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