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Ergo Headphone Amp

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I would like to know if anyone has heard the recently released headphone amplifier called the Ergo Amp 1.

If so, I would like to know how this compared to similarly priced amps such as the Musical Fidelity XCans and the Creek OBH11/SE.
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Sorry, I have't heard it. But I was wondering if anyone had any links for more info. Thanks to another thread (courtesy of HolyZoo) I now have a link with some basic info. Anyone else have any links?

Apart from being a burgeoning audiophile (read: wannabe audiophile), I've also developed a slight addiction to information - I need to know everything about everything!!!




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Ergo are not headphone amps. They are sets of headphones and its dedicated amplifier much like Stax.

Ergo headphones are very specialized. It consist of vibrating unusually shaped diaphragms. The concepts should be much like electrostatic headphones. This is very different from dynamic headphones. Thus, it require different types of headphone amps to drive.

Ergo is European made and that makes it even more expensive than already it is. I have a good feeling that it does not worth your time unless you live in Europe. I know there are many US models rivals in quality and have lower prices. You should try out those headphones.

Please note auditioning is essential part of purchasing. We can tell you only so much about products however many agrees that we all have somewhat different tastes. You absolutely must audition headphones. Take full advantage of return policies. Note this is primarily why I do not suggest obtaining unfamiliar cans over internet bidding or posting.

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The headphone/amplifier combination you are referring to is the Ergo AMT.

Ergo have actually released a headphone amplifier for use with all dynamic headphones. This is called the Model 1.

It is this amplifier I was interested in getting an opinion on.
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Tomo and Costas,
read this: http://www.precide.ch/eergjj.htm and you will realize that you are talking about the same amp. This Model 1 amp can be used for driving the Ergo AMT as well as any dynamic headphone, as Precide, the Swiss distributor, says. However, Precide talks about a switch-box that is necessary if you want to power the AMT from the speaker-outs of a regular amp - obviously, a headphone amp will not work with the switch-box. By the way, all three of their headphones are lousy, don't know about the amp.
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Come to think of it I remember they start making stand-alone headphone amps. They are just named at Ergo AMP1. Very memory-friendly name!!

It could be good.

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I managed to track down an Ergo Amp-1 and had a listen to it through my Senn HD-600.

Verdict: Nice, smooth sound. Drove the HD-600s with ease. No background noise to speak of. Good, rounded bass and midrange. Highs perhaps less than sparkling but detailed. Overall, great value for money (AUD $400, US $210). A really nice unit. Definitely worth consideration - if you can find it.

By the way, it looks great too!
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