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iGrado Modification

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Hello everybody


I have a pair of iGrado which have been broken for some time. It was the weak wiring who broke, and I fixed that with some other and stronger wiring. But I didn't do the job good enough course it broke after a few month.

Now I want to fix them once more, but this time for good. I have also decided to plant a jack stick inside the headphone, I now that it will have affect the sound quality a bit but I'm using them for running so it's fine.


But my question for you guys is about the modifications you are talking about in other forums. I'm talking about the so called quarter mod?! 


What is that? What does it do? Can you please tell me and show pictures if possible? 


I apologize on behave if this is a topic which have been discuss several times on this site and my English (from Denmark). 

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For someone who registered back in 2009, you sure don't post much :)


A quarter mod refers to the mod on Grado flat pad. Place an U.S. quarter ($0.25) coin on the center of the pad and cut a hole following the edge so you can get a quarter size hole, then put the pad back onto the headphone and you are done. In case you have problem getting a, U.S. quarter, an EU $1 coin is about the same size.


Not my picture, but here you go.



For other mod idea, read this.

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Thank you for your reply, it was very helpfull.


Yeah I registered at the time I was looking for a pair of headphones and I found this site and thought that it would be a good idea to register so if I had some questions about headphones I knew where to ask :) And the time for that was 2 years later :)


But this mod will give me a better sound experience? 



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Okay, I have completed my own form for modification on my iGrados.


take a look at my pictures and see for yourself, I have been running with them and the positives is that I don't have the long wire, better sound than the in-ear I used before (or the sound quality is changed, my Sennheisser in-ear is also very good but irritating to have on while running). 


Now I can choose for myself which lenght of wire I want, and what quality. 






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Sorry to dig up such an old thread but I'm interested in this mod you did.

My iGrados stopped working through one channel so I've taken them apart completely & plan on replacing the cable with something more robust. This "in cup" socket is a great idea but the part must be tiny.

Can you tell me where you got the socket from? There are several bailable but all look too big.

Many thank!
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Hi Edgar


That's quite alright I just have to remember what I did back then ;)


I think I got the socket from my former workplace.

The one at the picture looks very similar and have the same function :)


CREATOR: gd-jpeg v1.0 (using IJG JPEG v62), quality = 90



And I just search for the web and could see that you can buy some from amazon


Regarding the size then I can't remember the exact size but I think you will be fine. 


I modified the plug so it fitted and used good silicone to make it stay in place.


I will try to find some pictures of the process but I'm afraid that they are gone.


If you have any questions just ask :)


Good luck 



B. Regards  

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