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Beyer DT880 + Kenwood Vintage Amp

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Hello everyone. I've researched for months and have had several changes of heart, but I ultimately have decided that I will purchase the Beyerdynamic DT880s and use them as my main stationary listening phones to complement my hd595s. The dilemma I face is knowing which version to buy, and I have been heavily leaning toward the 600 ohm version for its higher potential and for scaling. I have an old late 80's/early 90's Kenwood KA-88 integrated stereo amplifier that I have yet to set up, but is fully functional.


Would this amp be sufficient to power the DT880 at 600 ohms? I have a spec sheet on this amplifier that says it provides both channels with 120+120 watts of power at 8 ohms. (Feel free to ask me for more information.) Being completely new to dedicated amps and not being a math whiz, I have no idea what this means. If I could avoid having to buy an expensive amp for the Beyers, it would be a big relief to me financially and I could always scale up later to a better amp. If my amp is completely insufficient, I probably will delay my purchase until I can afford a decent amp. Any information or advice from those who know the DT880s or amps would be tremendously appreciated. 

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The Kenwood should be more than sufficient. Integrated amplifiers seem generally underestimated on Head-Fi.


Do check if the headphone out is clean. Given what you already mentioned I assume the KA-88 is also clean on the inside; no noises when using the volume knob etcetera...

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Terrific. Thanks much for the info. I'll test out the Kenwood with my 595 and if everything works fine, I'll follow through with my purchase. I'm looking forward to using my first decent setup ever. (And hopefully end my headphone search journey for many years.) biggrin.gif

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im using a Pioneer Stereo Receiver from the same era as you Kenwood to power my 990 600 ohm.  It does a pretty nice job.  It might not be optimal but its not far off and definetely is sufficient until i get some monies for a OTL amp.  It also powers my other lower imp cans wonderfully.  I say go for it. 


The only thing i will say as a sort of warning is, not all headphone jacks on Stereo Receivers are created equally.  I've tried several different ones and some sound poor others just ok and the pioneer was the one that sounded very good.  At any rate even if your kenwood is a bad match you can always shop thrift stores craigslist and garage sales for cheap 80s and 90s receivers.

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Well my Kenwood KA-3500 is more than capable at driving pretty much any headphone with ease. Very powerful, and very neutral sounding, if not a little bright. Hopefully the 880s won't be too sibilant on that setup. Perhaps a tube pre-amp or warmish dac could help if needed.



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