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Thoughts on the Numark Red Wave headphones

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Saw one for the first time today at the food court at the local mall,  girl had one around her neck.  Nice looking cans, but how does it sound?  It must suck since Numark did  not post any tech specs on their website.  Discuss.



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I have never heard of that company. They look a little like something that Skullcandy would put out. They may be a hidden gem, you never know.

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Sorry, I just threw up a little bit in my mouth


Frequency Range 15-20000Hz
Impedance (Ohm) 24
Sensitivity (dB/mW) 98
Driver Unit 50mm
Magnet Type Neodynium
Plug Type Gold plated 1/4" connector with 1/8" adaptor included
Colour Black & silver



You know how long it took me to find this? 5 minutes at most that 4:59 too long to find specs.


Only thing that looks nice is a 50mm driver at 24ohm. That's it. Everything else looks sub-par and people say that they have too much bass


MDR-V6 would suit much better

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Has anyone actually gotten a pair of these listen to them? Are they built well?

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Hate'em! Couldn't hate them more. The build quality is decent but the clamping force is extreme. They hurt my ears in 5 minutes. Cheap pleather pads = sweaty ears. The bass is solid if that's ALL you care about. They require massive amounts of EQ to sound even relatively natural and even then the sound is just ok. No amount of burn-is going to correct what I heard. Combine the extreme clamping force with the stupid swivel cups and they are an infuriating PITA! I boxed them back up in under an hour. Don't bother.
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