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Yuin Pk1 Repair

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I bought a pair of Yuin PK1's a few months ago so they are still under warranty, however I'm having trouble finding support.


The right side has cut out and no longer makes any sound. I'm unsure if its the plug or the driver as there is no visible physical damage to the wire or bud, I've made sure to take good care of them despite them breaking.


Unfortunately I bought them from a retailer in china, with free shipping, to save a little money. He's been helpful about the issue but I can't find a reasonable way of sending them back to him for the repair.


Fedex wants 120$, the same price I bought them for.

Canada post, 70$.

Purolator 60$ starting.


Unless I can find somewhere a bit cheaper I won't be sending them back for a repair.


My other option is to try and fix them myself, 120$ isn't to great of a loss to me if something goes wrong. But any advice before I start and can't find any help from yuin?



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Are you sure Canado Post wants $70? I put in a random postal code from Quebec and the Canada Post website quotes a $20 fee for Small Packet International Air. The package size I put in is 20cm x 15cm x 10cm + 500g, which is more than enough to send in 3 pairs of PK1

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That's what they had told me. I brought the Pk1's with me to all 3 locations and most had starting fees. Any package sent to China started at ~50$ and then they weighed it and asked about the items declared value etc...


I thought it was pretty ridiculous as well. I asked them if those were the least expensive services they offered and they either told me that those were the cheapest, or weren't very helpful about it.


I was looking at Yuins website but their customer support page is blank, no contact emails or numbers. I was sure the Chinese site would have more information but I couldn't find much there either. I googled around for awhile but still couldn't find much info on how I could contact Yuin. So I'm not really sure what to do about the issue from here aha.

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I received a few packages via Canada Post Small Packet before and they didn't cost that much, but I guess going to China could be different. If you can find a thin box and stuff it well in an envelop, you can try to send it as document and save some money.


Yuin doesn't provide direct warranty claim as the authorized dealer is supposed to provide that service. In this case, Head-Direct is the authorized dealer for North America, but your PK is parallel imported and not covered by local warranty.

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I was wondering if I could fit it in an envelope as well ahah. I will make sure I buy from a closer dealer next time.


Any tips on opening a pair of buds? Looks like most people are using a small flat head to pry the cover off. I was looking for a thread I searched up awhile ago where someone was taking apart a pair of Pk1's but all the pictures are down now. I've never done it before so I'm a bit weary.


If worst comes to worst do you have any recommendations for a new pair? ~200$


I have HD650's already for full sized cans, so I would prefer buds as I find those work best while doing activities (Cowon J3 is my player). I might jump on Pk1's again or maybe some Pk2's from head-fi as I really liked the sound, but I'm open to some new suggestions if something better has come out in these recent years.

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The two good alternatives are NineWave NW-Studio Pro and Sennheiser MX980. Both are considered to be PK1's level earbuds, but NineWave is harder to find on state's side.

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Thanks for the help so far ClieOS :)


I'll try to send them off again tomorrow at Canada post, maybe try to find some other way of shipment. Ill keep those buds and any others in consideration.

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My English is very poor, hope can help you.

Very sorry to tell you, is the Yuin in mainland China is equally difficult to warranty. This situation does not exist on whether in china. Because Yuin headphones their flagship of China and SUNRISE. For a less attention to intellectual property and concurred in headphones, their sound is very good. But if you expect them to have the international brand service this is not realistic. So China has been on this concurred on a headset manufacturers also have been rumors constantly..

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