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Replacing the lead on AKG K701

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I've happily been using my K701s for 1-2 years now but somehow the lead has come away which is odd because I wouldn't say I mistreat them. Also the plastic has snapped on the opposite side. [pics below]


I've been desperately trying to find the email from the online shop I bought them from to see if they're still in warranty but I've got a new computer and using the gmail search is awful. I know it's there somewhere and I've even been sifting through my bank statements and paypal records trying to locate my receipt.


Anyway, if we assume that I don't find the email or it's over the warranty period, what can I do? I've found replacement leads online and I know people replace with custom leads but I wouldn't know where to start with an operation like that. I'm not great at electronics and soldering is not in my skillset plus without instructions (which I can't find) I'd probably break the headphones trying to prise them open.


So, if anyone has advice on either... a) how to disassemble enough to replace the lead? b) where I can find someone in London UK who can replace the lead for me? c) How I can find my email on gmail and how long the AKG warranty is?


...I'd be very grateful.



2011-08-26 03.07.07.jpg


2011-08-26 03.12.49.jpg

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I feel for you chocky900,


I have had this exact fear with my K601 - it is an achilles heel of the K6xx/K7xx series.

AKG just falling short of admitting that this was an issue with the release of the detachable K702 and Q701.


Can I ask - have you snagged them on a chair or desk even just the once?


I would contact AKG first, chances are that they will send you a replacement.

Some re-cable experts may disagree but research shows that the rings can be damaged

during a re-cable with just common handy man tools.

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You need to take the headphone apart

pull the cable up and ziptie it like a Grado cable within the driver cups.


If you're not good at modding, let's kinda of a let down.




that's about it. I'll update if I think of anything

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Well, AKG have just fobbed me off saying if it's within the 2 years like I think it is I should contact the retailer as my primary contact during the warranty period which is 2 years. I already told them I couldn't find the receipt!

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Originally Posted by chocky900 View Post

Well, AKG have just fobbed me off saying if it's within the 2 years like I think it is I should contact the retailer as my primary contact during the warranty period which is 2 years. I already told them I couldn't find the receipt!

I'd push that point further and also perhaps state that you are willing to pay for basic repairs since you're looking into

service repair outside of AKG anyway.



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Do a search in Google for 'AKG K701 manual'


the link you want is the fourth one down titled :-



Serviceinfo K601 K701 - AKG



In any case you should be able to get AKG to service them for a fee given

that you have lost the receipt and are therefore without an appropriate retailer

to deal with.



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Thanks. I'll try that but I think first, I'm going to have to connect up my old PC to look through Thunderbird and probably transfer my archived emails to my new PC. Hopefully if it's within the 2 year warranty I can save some money. Gmail search is rubbish though isn't it? Especially considering Google is a search engine.

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I've always had great success searching through my gmail using the web UI, perhaps slightly more so than using an email client software.  In addition to this, I do have a mail folder labeled "receipts," and also a file folder on my computer.  Just a suggestion for your future use.


** You wanna PM me for help on the gmail search?


Opening such beautiful headphones can be a little intimidating; it certainly doesn't bear the appearance of self-service like, say, HD 280.  But that manual and here on head-fi you have enough information to go about the cable issue yourself.


The manual describes, in some unseeable way, how to remove the outer grill to gain access to the wiring.  This process is documented better on head-fi, with pictures. If I find the link before you do, I'll bring it to this thread.


(Here it is: http://www.head-fi.org/t/225819/guide-to-the-balanced-akg-k701-recabling)


You can shave the remaining "accordion" strain relief, pull more cable into the cup, zip-tie the outer jacket for strain relief inside the cup, close.  If you're averse to soldering or other potentially destructive modification, this is a very quick and easy procedure that should fix you right up.  You can at least get under the grill and have a look.


No advice on the broken plastic on the headband assembly.  Pretty much get a new one, unless you wanna a) try glueing it, or b) leave as is.  I'm currently searching the forum for headband replacement, as I am quite curious about it myself.



edit: K701 headband replacement procedure, for when it's time to do so.


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This short, sped-up video is good too.


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Thanks guys. I found the email eventually. It was on another email address - non webmail that I archived on my old computer but haven't transferred across. It turns out I bought them in July 2009 and the AKG guy I've been emailing has ignored my puppy dog pleas and coldly given me the number of their service centre so it looks like they're not going to do anything for free. I'd rather replace the wire myself.

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Originally Posted by Gwarmi View Post

This short, sped-up video is good too.



Just viewed the video.  Did anyone else get emotional seeing the plastic melting, or the chip where the arch starts?


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Well I have sorted the cable I think by dismantling the casing and pulling the remaining flex into the ear and reusing the gripper. It's a little squahed in there but only the wiring is at risk and if that worsens then I'll just get a replacement and get soldering.


I think I can live with the snapped plastic guide. I'm not sure what it's for really but it doesn't seem to affect the fit. I need to look after my stuff better or at least break it a month BEFORE the warranty rather than a month AFTER...

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