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Yes, last we spoke (quite some time ago) James from Anedio was heavily involved in designing what sounded like a very nice amplifier (for speakers). It's been a while and I don't know what sort of progress has been made. But I wouldn't be surprised if it was ready sooner than later, and from what I heard it should be exceptional.  

Yup, from what I have read, the forthcoming Anedio A2S will be one of the best amplifiers in the world.  Measurements show that harmonic distortion at 1KHz is predominantly low and even order and that only the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 6th are greater than -140db with the actual measurements being -120, -127, -134 and -138db respectively.  This is incredibly good and surpasses even the Cordell MosFET error correction amp at that frequency.  In fact, this is better than most preamps! Can't wait for them to release it. I am hoping they release it in mono-block version.

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Project 86 said:

"I actually think it's (Anedio D2), quite nice looking. Not quite as much as the D1 was, but D2 is probably more "universal" in appeal versus the love-or-hate aesthetic of the original."



I agree, Project...I think that the D2 is quite smart looking....The D1 was a little too, um...1960's Japanese looking ...or something (for me!)....but I think that Richard toned down the outer appearance beautifully and also rework the innards quite nicely, as well.   I think the outer design reflects the Anedio philosophy.  I am a visual person and every time I take a look at that unit feeding into my modest little tube amp ....I get a joy at the visuals.    (Do you know any details about the amp that is being designed?).

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Selling mine (D2)... 850 Euro. Very good condition. Worldwide shipping is no problem... 

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Anyone knows if Anedio is still in business? Seems like they are uncontactable.

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I contacted them about a month ago and they replied - but yeah, it takes time...

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