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Meaning USB?
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kk thanks

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Any point in bypassing any of the capacitors in the Anedio D2 with high quality film caps?? I'd be looking to increase the smoothness and/or warmth of the rear RCA outputs

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Try messaging viper2001.

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No reply as of yet from viper2001; does anyone else know any info on bypassing caps in the Anedio D2 with film caps??

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Originally Posted by Currawong View Post

I have tried the built-in USB using the Vaunix hub (since it is, apparently, bus-powered) and the results are distinctly better than using S/PDIF with either of my converters. Very unexpected. The "thin" sound has gone. Totally the opposite of the Calyx, which also uses the XMOS chip. That sounded completely flat with the USB input. It now sounds more like the Calyx did when I used the Audiophilleo and Vaunix hub -- "lighter" than the Master 7.

With optical I believe I had to raise the volume at a higher level, but after I connected the usb and thought I had the volume at low level then to find out it was blasting.  Also, the treble doesn't sound thick and bright, it sounds tamed.  With the optical connection, the treble sounded disconnected from the upper mids, not much transition.  Then again, this is another day, and yesterday my ears could have been treble sensivite, but it was definately brighter than Hugo.  


Actually, it's still the same as yesterday, more treble forward than I like, must have been some placebo when I first heard it.

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