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Beyerdyanmic DT-770 32Ohm

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Hello all! This is my first post, I have a feeling you all have infected me already :)


After spending 20 of my last 48 hours on this forum, I think the DT-770 32Ohm version suits me best considering I'm an electronica fan and enjoy bass. I won't be using them exclusively at home and don't plan on spending another $200+ on a portable amp, so I think the 32Ohm is the way to go. 


What amp would you recommend? Considering the 770's are bassy in comparison to many of its competitors, I would like something that warms the mids: e11 / cmoy LM4562? The e7 may suit me as well considering I have a Mac without a decent DAC... 


What would you recommend? And where should I buy the DT-770's? Should I wait for someone to sell them on the forum? 




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My first amp/dac combo (I got 3 days ago) is an E9/E7. I haven't used the E9 yet ( I will when I get my Grados on Saturday) but as for he E7, which I have used with my Monster Turbine pro coppers and Sennheiser hd280s, the difference in quality is nothing short of amazing (for me). The headphone amp itself is not the absolute best you can get for the price (I think the E11 serves as a better amp) but the DAC stands as one of the best things I've heard (I haven't heard too many things though). I'll cast my vote for the E7, because 32 ohms doesn't need an outstanding amp. Besides that, welcome! I was introduced to this world of Head-fi only in June. Say goodbye to any money in your wallet and have a good time :)

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Thanks for the response. 


Could an e11 drive the DT-770 200Ohm version? From what I've read on here, probably not. People also rave about the 600Ohm version, but I think those are the people who listen at home via expensive desktop amps. I'm flexible here, but I really do like the DT-770's.

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There is the 80 ohm version, and a cmoy/the e11 could definitely drive that. e11 is quite powerful from what i've heard, so they could likely do the 250 ohm version as well. The 80 ohm version is considered to be a bass monster as well, which could be a bonus for you.

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or better yet, would I get better quality out of the 80Ohm version + an e11?

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Originally Posted by audiophilismz View Post

or better yet, would I get better quality out of the 80Ohm version + an e11?

I have heard the 600 ohm 770 I once owned and this 80 ohm is as good IMO. I am using it on my tube amp but I have never heard the 32 or 250 version but the 80 ohm is very nice. Shoot Beyer an PM and see if they have any more of these for 90.00 they may put some more up on ebay.

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Well, you're using a tube amp, so that makes sense :) I can't seem to find Beyer's profile, do you mind linking me?

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Would it be smart (though not as cost efficient) to buy an e11 for portable and then a desktop DAC for at home? All the DAC's I see seem to be combinations of the two, like the UDAC / e7. 

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Originally Posted by deepkut View Post

Well, you're using a tube amp, so that makes sense :) I can't seem to find Beyer's profile, do you mind linking me?

go to premier Sponsor and beyer is in there and send them a PM.i am not good at links

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Save a few dollars, get a refurbished DT-770 Pro 80-Ohm (bassy), off eBay, sold by Beyerdynamic U.S.A.

And a cheap ($50) single tube headphone amplifier, off eBay.


Total final price is around $150-$180.

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Could you give me a little bit more specifics. What sort of tube amp should I be looking for on ebay? This is day 2 of audiophilism :)

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Is this who you are referring to on Ebay?




There doesn't seem to be any items listed.

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Here you go, currently they dont have any for sale. I just missed the last wave by a few hours.

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How often do they go on sale? I'm interested in either the 770 32s or 770 Pros... Why does Beyerdynamics make deciding so impossible for noobs ><

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I also can't wait, I'm dying here :) I'm coming from iPhone freebies...

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