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Originally Posted by dspang View Post


Dark as hell.  Loving it.

Distance = The best Dubstep artist I've heard.
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Gah, I was going to post Distance! biggrin.gif


Skeleton Grin, Magnesium... love those tracks.

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Just for the fun of it.


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That's not intelligent dubstep, is it?

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Really love the music from Kryptic Minds. Never heard of them prior to this thread. Thanks for the share!

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Really like R/D's stuff, he really strays from the usual and pulls off his own style very well. His downloads are always very hq and they sound so much better with some decent cans smile_phones.gif

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Not really big into it but I do enjoy listening to Skrillex



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I like this 

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I love how much people discuss dubstep as if it's some new improvement to this trendy brostep nonsense, even though dubstep has been around and all about those deep vibes since before brostep existed yet. For the record, it was that ******* Borgore that kickstarted ruining everything with his crappy copy-and-paste gimmick sounds. Go ahead and look him up.


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I just got this release this week and it reminded me of oldskool dubstep.


Bankster - Dubplate Special


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This is one of my faves: 

Thom Yorke/Burial/Four Tet - Mirror



I wish I could get a real download or CD!

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Anyone still reading this? Found this nice remix that reminded me of Kryptic Minds. 


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Bay Area Dubstep (BAD) Vol I and II.


start from there, unbelieveble stuff

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