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Is it okay to wear headphones while driving?

Poll Results: In your opinion is it okay to wear headphones while driving?

  • 16% (8)
  • 75% (37)
  • 8% (4)
    I don't care as I don't vote as I'm insignificant
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Every single day I see people wearing headphones while they are driving.


Some are easy to spot as they have those horrible white Apple earbuds in both their ears. I assume they're listening to some equally terrible music on their iPod. I also see drivers wearing earbuds or canal phones with an in-line microphone talking on the phone while they are driving (then again I suppose they could be having an animated discussion with themself, an invisible person or imaginary friend while wearing driving with those things in their ears).


Legality aside, does anyone else have a problem with people wearing headphones while attempting to operating a motor vehicle? I've set up a poll.





Yes there are existing threads on this but I'm not digging them up. And yes, deaf people can drive a car, drivers can be distracted by their passengers, heck I've even been in a car where the driver was trying to read a book but I'm not interested in any of that stuff.


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They're not necessarily listening to music. I have 2 friends who drive with their iBuds because they're plugged into their phones--in case of phone calls.

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No, it's a terribly unsafe habit. So is doing pretty much anything else while driving, aside from... Driving.

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well last i did that while riding a bicycle, my rear wheel got tacoed 

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It's illegal in some places

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As far as I know it's illegal here in CA. 

I have a problem with it if people are listening to music with it because it's just too distracting and you cant hear the outside world around you. Deaf people can get an unrestricted license because they rely on their eyes more but its not worth lives over listening to music when theres speakers in your car 

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No, it's completely wrong and should be illegal everywhere.

I don't have a problem with the deaf driving because they're not being distracted by something else. If a deaf person were eating, putting on makeup, etc. that would be a problem.

I ride a motorcycle now and then and really dislike people who are focused on things other than driving and paying attention to others on the road.

If I ever seize dictatorial powers over the country, I'd build out public transportation then purge about 50% of the driver's licenses. There are lots of people incapable of driving. (I'd raise speed limits, too, once the incompetent were forced onto light rail, shuttles and buses. smily_headphones1.gif)
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If you think it's okay to crash into light poles i guess...

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Considering theres so many ways we could get killed on the road, other people risking their lives hardly seems matter to me. 

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Ive seen a few people doing that in my hometown. should be illegal.

although I, sometimes blast my car stereo when driving open roads. but still not as bad as earphones/headphones

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What worries me most is not being able to hear an emergency vehicle sirens and crashing into them.

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The only time it's legal here is when you have a wife nagging at you. Then you have the complete right to place them in your ears and pretend to be playing music in the car.

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