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I had the same issue recently. I removed RB and then did a reinstall. That solved the problem.



Originally Posted by FrancisR07 View Post

Hi guys! I have just bought my first Clip Zip and although I am very happy with the sound quality and other features, I am experiencing some problems with Rockbox.

I have already reseted the device more than 5 times in a 2 day working period. My main problems reside in the usb connection, where the device fully freezes and doesn't even show the drives on my computer. And my second problem is about my microsd card. I have a 16GB Samsung card and sometimes when accessing the database the device freezes completely. I know this has to do with the card because when I remove it the device works again completely fine.

I am really starting to get uncomfortable with these problems and I am thinking of using the OF only but at the same time I really would like to enjoy Rockbox's featureless. Has anyone experienced these problems with the Sansa Clip Zip? Does this have anything to do with the theme I am using?

Thank you.

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I just managed to install rockbox.. and wow what a difference!  Highly recommended.

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So I'm getting problems with this thing. One day, my rockboxed Zip froze on me while playing a song so I held the power button for 30 seconds to turn it off. Wouldn't boot into rockbox (just stays at the Boot 4.0 screen), but it would boot into the stock firmware normally. The stock firmware was giving me problems, like freezing randomly if touched. I tried to connect it to my computer, and it successfully connected into MTP mode, but when trying to connect through MSC it just kept going between "transferring" and "connected". I disconnected it in the middle of one of the transferring screens, and now it refuses to boot through the stock firmware as well (just gets stuck at the logo).
How can I fix this?
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outside of having some luck unlocking the clip by 30s reset, dunno for the zip but for clips it's something like home+power.

you can't remove RB and reinstall it?

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Can anyone tell me the button combo to reset my Clipzip. I just dumped 16GB music on it last night and when I went into library I got the screen stuck then black screen then flashing white strobe effect then it went blank...cannot switch on now.

Tried hooking up to USB...battery was fully charged when this happened.

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Try holding the power button for 30 seconds.
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Thanks, it came back...I tried various 2 button combos but maybe it was just like you say, holding the power button long enough for a hard reset....PHEW...my beloved dirt cheap ClipZip looked like it just died....love this little music box !

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Yeah, it's happened to me a few times.
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