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Originally Posted by tuahogary View Post

Only if the asker is honestly interested my opinion tongue.gif

Seems like I'm hearing the RE272 differently than most people... so not much I can say other than reading what people have to say here and feel better about myself 

I agree with some opinions there so maybe my ears aren't all that bad lol

I am honestly interested wink.gif. Doesn't really matter if you hear it differently than others. Since this is a review thread and not "appreciation" thread, you can feel free to comment.

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lol esanthosh, haven't you heard enough ranting from my PMs? biggrin.gif

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But, others haven't biggrin.gif


Originally Posted by proedros View Post

Terrific review.



Thanks. Missed reading the last two pages completely.


Originally Posted by proedros View Post

anyone here that has had the RE-272 and the e-Q5 ?


which one of the two did you like better ?

I had both - at least for a week, but I did not get to compare them side by side. So, can't say for sure. Pianist too compared only e-Q7 to RE272. While many think that e-Q5 sounds very similar to e-Q7, don't think Pianist shares that opinion.


Originally Posted by mukulymn View Post

My review


That's a concise, nice review of 272. We seem to agree on some points too :)

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just got my 272 L3000.gif


impression coming up soon

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I bought mine at the full price $250 and I think it sounds good.



Edit: well technically I traded a K2 SP for it and got paid cash difference.



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Originally Posted by kiteki View Post

I bought mine at the full price $250 and I think it sounds good.


Edit: well technically I traded a K2 SP for it and got paid cash difference.

We all make mistakes *points at self* biggrin.gif

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Hahaha whats wrong with the K-2?

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Based upon personal preference, I prefer the RE272; as does kiteki. biggrin.gif

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day 2 with my 272 and i have the following impressions so far (still too early so expect more feedback the following days)

1. These babies really need a burn-in period.

Yetserday ? I liked them but not THAT much.
Today ? They sound much better/fuller

I am running them through a J3/arrow amp combo , and i am using the following settings on the arrow





and they sure sound nice.

2. compared to the 262 , i like them way better - if only for the lack of treble roll-off that was so evident in the 262 and never made me love them completely


I am no expert but i like what i am hearing and after having already owned hifiman's zero/252/262 , i think 272 will be the best of them all



i will be back with more remarks in the coming days , but the fact that impressed me more these last 24 hours was how much the sound got better after 6-8 hours of break in (btw i am using dewaver's brown-bass burn-in flac file , thanx buddy!)



God , how I love good IEMs L3000.gif




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Sorry I burnt these in and could notice hardly any difference at all

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why be sorry for someone else's different reality ?



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Whatever, they sound way better than RE0 and RE252 and that's what counts, it's a quality IEM. ;)

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@Danceswithiems: Best first post ever! emot-LOL.gif

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Originally Posted by Danceswithiems View Post

This is wrong.


Danceswithiems is of the opinion that the Hifiman RE272 represent heap good value at $250 of the white man's currency, compared to both other iems at that price, above that price and below that price. 


It is better than the RE252 and RE262 by a sizeable degree and only improves with burn in.  At more than 50 hours, Danceswithiems now finds his RE272s to be singing like the meadowlark at sunrise.


He who doubts the power of the RE272 speaks with forked tongue. 

Iktomi, Nayaha say white man not hear siyotanka sing, he say black spirt rain from far east.


I show black meadowlark to sitting bull, he say he ketunya good spirit lei, he say the winds takuskanskan, the mids skuyela and the highs toksha ake wacinyuanktin ktelo.



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