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That is a personal decision as to whether the upgrade is significant.  For me the Noble 4 is a substantial upgrade in build and sound quality.  For others it may not be.  I will say the 272 is a great value for what you get.  We all have reasons for why an IEM is good or bad.  These reasons do not translate between people.  I would say the Noble 4 costs more to manufacture than 272 based on specs and build quality as well as accessories.  Each company is not going to release the actual costs though.  




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what is its retail price ? i think that below 500$ , the upgrade will not be significant , so until money comes in we stick with 262/272 (which are fine iems)

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how does ER4S stand compared to the 272 ?

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i am selling a new pair of RE-272

this may be the last new pair on Earth , actually

check my FS threads for more info

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