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Need a new pair of closed back headphones

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I used to own a Sennheiser HD201, which I used for everything: gaming, music (lots of genres), and movies. It has finally kicked the bucket. I am now looking for a closed back headphone which can be considered an upgrade. The following characteristics are very important:

Flat frequency response, I like a good balance between lows, mids and highs, I cannot listen to mid recessed headphones.
Decent soundstage, for movies and games.
Price, under $100 USD maybe.
They will be powered by onboard audio.

From my research, I am considering the JVC HA-RX700, Sony MDR-V6, Sony MDR-ZX700, Creative Aurvana Live!, Audio-technica ATH-A700.

Ok, here's the big problem. the RX700 seems to have a slight bit of recessed mids, the V6 seems to have a small soundstage, the CAL also seems to have recessed mids, the ZX700 hasn't got much reviews, and the AD700 seems to be a bit bass anemic.

What should I get?

Also, feel free to make other recommendations the price should be under 100, I am willing to spend over, if there's huge improvement.

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Shure srh440, $99 and very flat.



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Beyerdynamic DT-770 Pro 80-ohms, bassy, but in a nice way.

Have seen several good reviews about it's sound stage.

Sometimes you can find them used or as refurbs for under $100

There are 80-Ohm, should play with just about any source.

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Shure 840, M50, ZX700, HP541. Priced in order, or similar at least. Try that last one linked. It sounds as good as the M50 and ZX700 based on reviews and is significantly cheaper. I'm buying one myself simply to review.


Very best,

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Try to get a used Ultrasones, on the FS forum.

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