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For Sale: FS: Peavey Nitro III Custom Electric Guitar

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For Sale:
FS: Peavey Nitro III Custom Electric Guitar

Will Ship To: Anywhere



I am selling my Peavey Nitro guitar.  From what I have been able to read, I believe this to be the nitro III custom, but I am not 100% certain.

I purchased this new and am the only owner of it.  I got this for my dad, but he never really used it.  It has pretty much sat in its case since it was purchased (I don't play it either).


It is a white body with black accessories and a bilaminated Maple Neck w/ Rosewood Fingerboard.  The fingerboard is so comfortable and smooth!  The frets do not rub against my hand at all.  It uses a Floyd Rose locking Tremolo system by Kahler.  The head is the tapered version (feathered).


New D'Addario XL strings were put on a few years ago and have not been used since.  The tremolo system was also professionally serviced and tuned a few years ago at a local professional guitar shop.


It comes with the original peavey hard carrying case, with a beautifully soft lining!  The inside of the case looks brand new.  The guitar is in almost new condition.  It has a little ding on the side, but this is how it was purchased.  All knobs and switches work like new.  1/4" jack is like new and makes a secure connection.


No modifications have been made to it.

This guitar is serial # 03205159

This guitar was MADE IN USA!


I have seen nothing but good things said about this guitar.  You should check out what people say about the peavey nitro III.









(Note: Guitar stand not included)


I am selling this for 225$US.  The cost of shipping will be the actual cost.  Local pickup is ideal, and will not result in a shipping cost.
If you are close by and would like to take a look at it, please feel free to.

I accept cash and paypal.


If you have any questions or comments, please PM me.


For reference, peavey nitro 3 custom owners manual:

Thank you,



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That is a nice guitar. Too bad I am an acoustic man. Good luck. 

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Originally Posted by JoshuaaT View Post

That is a nice guitar. Too bad I am an acoustic man. Good luck. 

Thank you.

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Sold Locally for 225$us.

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Hi, I want to buy the guitar. do you accept paypal. are you in the us.?

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contact me. I want to buy your guitar.

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I would like to buy your guitar please email me at

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