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I went to the last Boston meet. Emooze did a great job coordinating everything, he'd definitely be a good person to ask for advice. The turnout was somewhat poor, but the quality was great and that meet is what caused me to shell out some pretty big bucks to upgrade my system. Definitely best to try and find a free place. If it weren't for a gracious anonymous donor, Emooze would have been a couple hundred in the red.


I've consolidated my collection to just a couple main headphones lately, so I can't bring a lot of variety. I can bring something like D7000 and some magnums though, if this meet is still going to happen.

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If timing is right, I can bring Marantz 2265B and HD800 and/or LCD-2.  Don't have a source to bring unless I do some major rework of my system.

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I'm still down.  I have a friend with an LCD-2, and I can bring my meager HD25-1 II and DT770... 


As for a place, I like the classroom idea.  Alternately, I'm happy to contribute toward renting something.


Someone set it up.  Build it, they'll come, etc.

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I would like to participate. I don't have much to offer considering I'm still new to the hobby, but I would love to hear what future options there are. Depending on when it is I might have some additional gear by then.

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If this ever happens I'll try to make it with my He-400's and Mad Dogs.

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Anyone have a TH900 I can try? I can bring AD2000, W5000, and SE535.

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i am so down for this! i can contribute DT770 80 ohms and DT990 600 ohms.

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Hey my local Head-fi'ers, I really don't post, but I've been reading the forums pretty much daily for a couple years now. I should really be more social with the community, because I thoroughly enjoy the site. I so wanted to attend the last Boston meet, but already had an advance comitment the same day. Hoping that I can join you all this time around. I could bring my hd650, ATH-M50, Crossfade M80, and e7/e9 combo.
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I'm interested as well wink_face.gif


Keep me posted.

I "could" bring Q701s and what not in my user page but if someone else can bring Q701s or nobody wants to hear them, what would be even easier. I would have a hard time protecting these on the train to Boston. 




HFI 580



HD215(Review Sample from Sennheiser, may get sent back by then)


Dunu DN17


and maybe an IEM I am getting



Custom Objective 2 Amplfiier

Audio gd NFB 12.1

Arcam rPAC (Review sample from A and R Cambridge, may get sent back by then)


FiiO E02i



And possibly a "Project H" if I get one or suppliment it by the time the meet may or may not come up or happen.

Project H is a project my thread is working on for affordable DAC and amp. It uses a Custom Objective 2 amplifier with Burr Brown op amps, a central Project H control PCB with microprocessor and controls for the switches with a CS4398 DAC and has USB and optical or coaxil in. It will probably be in a sleek box with nice custom design and the will also allow seperate DAC output and amplifier in with a switch utilizing a custom PCB and what not so while it can and is used as combined, it can be seperated as well with a switch. Cost is to be about $200 after yeah....VERY cheap.


I'd prefer just to bring some specific products as I don't have a way to carry much or protect most of this stuff. 


If this happens early next year or sometime, depending on what I get, I may be able to bring a FiiO E12 or FiiO X3 if I get sent it before the meet wink_face.gif I guess if many beginners go. I could ask FiiO for units they may want to send ..but if its a small group then probably not.

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If there are still people interested in having a Boston meetup, I go to Northeastern University and might be able to grab a lecture hall or something on a random day. Should I check with the powers that be?

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I'm interested in a meet!  I don't have any gear at the moment, but I'm looking at getting into the hobby.  BU sounds fine!

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do it man, if you get a room for free , then we can get as many people from the boston area to come at little or no cost for admission.

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I will be there with my LCD2, Lyr, Bifrost, and whatever else I have at the time. :)

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Yeah, hopefully whatever works.



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Now I can bring an LCD3, Mjolnir, and Gungnir.  We should make this happen!

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