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Have to ask Panasonic for what patents they implemented I doubt they will tell you much :p

Because, they're not using it.  Patents are public knowledge.  They should have no reason not to brag about the tech since it's been the tech that's been the foundation for reference video performance for years.


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if you want a small very high end tv, can you use the hdmi out from a sat tuner to a eizo monitor? i wanted to know before i go snaking the cable all over. that would make me very happy to have the monitor double as a tv. since i am sure it is better than any 24" tv made.
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If you can get REC.709 color space you're probably all set.

*On second thought, the signal will probably have to be rescaled. That's another issue but it could be nothing...



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well i wanted speakers too duh. so it looks like toshiba is the only 24" tv right now that is an established name brand. problem is those speakers actually suck! i read insignia is a better 24"tv but i am almost positive you guys will disagree. what i would like to know. is it worth waiting for the new ones now to see what comes out? i kind of doubt anyone is going to put much into the 24" market. so there is the toshiba or insignia. if anyone has any opinions i'd appreciate it. the fact is i rethought a $6,000 monitor for a little tv. that is stupid quite frankly.  samsung/lg only make 22" but toshiba/insignia are lg's anyways. the insignia does have a 2 year warranty but i can actually see needing it. the 22" samsung is 120hz but i doubt that makes a difference at 22". anyways i just want 24". any recommendations? thanks.

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had the 24" toshiba. sucked per reviews. got the 22" samsung series 5. rocks with blu ray per the reviews. sat is a different story. acting up with it. tech is coming but i know it is their broadcast already. i don't mind though since it is really for blu ray at that res. i don't get why everyone wants huge tv's now. i guess because they can biggrin.gif i prefer small one and i am 18' from that 22"! my cats are fixing to kill it anyhow so at least it is not expensive lol.


edit: i came to my senses and stepped it up big time. 46" xbr hx929. i don't think i will be complaining about this one lol.

edit2: after a couple weeks with the 46 in my bedroom and i feel it is overwhelming. the thing dominates the entire room and it is not a small room. i am keeping it but it looks ugly when off. at least the cats cannot kill this one. on the wall,glass.

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