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Originally Posted by crinacle View Post

Maybe, just maybe, you can try the Goldring NS1000.

That's a great, affordable choice.

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I actually just did some flying with headphones the other week. Ultimately, closed headphones will not block out much noise even on a plane. It will block out the sound of people in general on the plane, but you'll still hear the plane itself. Those engines are just loud and vibrate you. I could hear it even with music playing to an extent. So be mindful that you're not upping the volume to compensate, you can damage your hearing doing that.

This is true. I really can't recommend anything but NC for plane rides. NC gets a lot of hate but on a plane they're your best friend. You can't really enjoy music on airplanes without them or a really good sealing IEM.   To get the best, get NC IEMs! The absolute isolation you get from these is unreal.


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Even with closed headphones, I don't think they block out the noise of a plane very well.


You're going to need canalphones or headphones with noise cancelling.


Etymotic IEM's are supposed to block out about 33-41 dB of external noise without active noise cancelling, but I've never actually used one myself (the 33-41 dB figure is from Etymotic themselves).

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^Have you ever tried the HFI-780?  It has one of the best external sound isolation.  A little bulky like all headphones, but you have to compromise somewhere. 

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