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For Sale: RSA SR-71B - Sold

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For Sale:
RSA SR-71B - Sold

Will Ship To: Anywhere

----Revised Price+Shipping!-----


Hey Guys,

Well I've decided to move on from portable gear and head to a good desktop setup. I'm just not comfortable carrying around this much money on australian public transport...

This is easily the best sounding equipment I've used, but it all needs no introduction. I'm selling it all so if you are interested in buying the whole lot and having the top of the line portable all in one go. Look no further I've got the lot (please see other sales).


The RSA is 2 months old. Purchased from Ray directly on 22nd of June. It is in pristine condition. No mark or scratches. Has had around 100 hours of burn in time. Please see below pictures.


Paid $727.32 in total. But I understand that includes 4% paypal and delivery to Australia.


So I'm asking for $550 pickup (Aus). Will sell for $600 (+4% paypal if buyer not willing to mark as gift) express shipped with insurance and tracking anywhere in the world! Obviously less if you are in Australia. Sold


For photo's please see the portable rig section. Link here

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Sold pending payment

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yes Sir only the 71b and the mini to mini cable

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Just PM me the details, thanks.

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PM sent!

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Sold Pending Payment

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