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monster outlet store?

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hi, ive been lurking here for a while looking for an upgrade from my meelec m6 which to me have wonderful bass but leave me wanting a little more in the mids. i saw an offer of the refurbished monster turbines for 50$ on the monster outlet store and want to know about the quality, packaging and such because as a highschool student in asia, i dont want to spend my monthly savings on something thats going to be defective.

also, will the turbines be right for me? i mostly listen to underground hiphop with boommy bass such as jedi mind tricks,  wutang clan and immortal technique. if not, what are other sub 100$ IEMs i can get?


thanks alot for reading.



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Id go with Shure earbuds, i have the SE535's and love them!

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I just got my turbines from the Monster Outlet store yesterday so ask away.  They came in a Monster black suede pouch with red stitching.  No actual retail box, just the box they were shipped in and factory zip bag packaging that said Factory Refurbished on it.  They look brand new, possibly Monster selling off their old stock of the ones with straight plugs.  They came with 6 tips, looks like 3 sets of medium or large and then 1 set of small round tips, and then 1 set of small and 1 set of large triple flange tips.  The mediums seem to fit me perfect, the smalls were too small, the large triple flange tips fit good too but I thought they changed the sound too much compared to the round ones, but great noise cancellation, couldn't hear my wife sitting next to me talking...Perfect!  Put them in my ears and WOW, these are awesome.  I've never used IEMs before so I am quite impressed but I have nothing to compare them too except my old sony earbuds or zune hd stock buds.  I tried a wide variety of music, Van Halen, Tantric, Spineshank, Kid Cudi, and Skrillex.  It all sounded great, excellent bass and mids.  I should have the sony hybrid tips by the end of the week to try out also.  But so far I am very impressed and will probably buy the extended warranty from squaretrade.

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The Turbine are very good sounding IEMs with Crisp, punchy bass and good for bass heavy genres but if you gather some more cash then EX600 are highely recommended because they are much more detailed than Turbine yet fun to listen with deep punchy bass and wider soundstage. BTW Sony EX510 are other good alternative of Turbine and compared to Turbine it's(EX510)offers wider soundstage with more details in mids, highs and deep punchy bass.

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