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For Sale: AKG K702 -- Like New Condition!

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For Sale:
AKG K702 -- Like New Condition!

Will Ship To: CONUS

I am selling my AKG K702s.  I bought these headphones earlier this year and have loved them, but have since moved on to higher-end flagships.  I would say that these have maybe 150 hours on them tops. 


These headphones are in great condition.  They are basically like new minus one very small scratch on the leather handband.  


The headphones come with the original box, the 1/4" adapter and my own custom-made headband bump cover.  k701smile.gif


The cover can easily be attached with two small dots of glue from a hot glue gun and just as easily and cleanly removed.  (oh and no, the scratch on the headband is not from the headband cover normal_smile%20.gif )  


I am asking for $SOLD shipped to the CONUS.  This includes Paypal fees.


Please PM me if interested.

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I'm interested, but for some reason I can't PM. Is there some other way to contact you privately?

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