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So I have $100

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I wanted to get another pair of cans as I have nothing to listen to music with to zone out. I had a pair of grado SR80s but I sold them to a fellow head-fi  member awhile back. I regret that decision now that I am wanting to possibly re purchase a pair. Not sure if I want to rebuy a pair of the sr80s or go with something different? I loved the sr80s. I listen to alot of prog metal, rock, dubstep, various other genres of music as well but I listen to more heavy metal, like iron maiden and some prog metal music from between the buried and me and such, Should I repurchase a pair of sr80s or go with something else? I heard the sr80is were not as good as the original sr80s that I had, do you have an opinion on this? Does TTVJ sell the sr80is or the regular sr80s?

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Good excuse to jump up the Grado line. The 'i' revision series across the range has been out for awhile, unlikely

you will find stock that old but you never know.


Go for 225i.

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