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Which Path to take? New headphones for a kind-of-experienced headfier!

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Hello fellow headfiers... Not sure where to post it... but here it goes...


I've been quite busy and I've been about an year or so away from Head-fi...

Now I am having the oportunity to sell all my equipment and start from scratch...


My favourite AMP & CAN setup at the moment is my AKG K701 and my Pimeta (kind of maxxed out)


Things I like about the K701;

>Sound Presentation and Soundstage

>Extension both high and low

>Liquid mids

>Bass Texture (being a bass player, this really caught me)


Things I don't like about the K701:

>Lack of bass quantity & fullness



but, also owning a pair of Denon D2000 (markL modded and mogami 2534)

I find them really bassy and I wouldn't want to achieve this amount of bass in the K701!


My plans are to sell my equipment and put my money on (probably) a new K702(or maybe DT880) and an Audio-GD FUN hoping it help me bring some bass to my AKG experience, and also enhance my experience in every other aspect. But I wonder if I am missing something (any new piece of equipment that might have been released) that I could benefit from, or this new equipment would not fulfil my expectations.


Any help is much appreciated.


Sorry for the long *and confusing* thread... 


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Isn't the K702 is the same thing. Just different color, cable and nothing that changes the sound.


Beyer might be the way to go, but keep your amp.


LCD-2 might be what you're looking for. But a HD600 would also be nice.


The LCD-2 isn't picky about an amp, but would really like one. The HD600 is a little prick and is very strict about a amp.

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Yeah, the K702 are the same, just easier to "recable" LOL


About the amp, shouldn't the FUN be a major improvement over my Pimeta?


the LCD-2 is a bit over my budget for cans...


I have no experience with Senns

as for Beyers, I only know DT150(which sound kinda of muffled) and DT770Pros(which sound muffled³²³²²³²³² and excessive bass)




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From what I can tell you might like the DT880 more than the 990 as it is said to be less coloured than the 990 with more realistic bass. I can't attest to this myself as I only have the 880, but as a drummer I often find myself following bass lines in music when I listen I can say that for certain the 880s sound very nice and realistic with how they present bass information.

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Sorry, I meant DT880 not the 990...


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Originally Posted by Bandeira View Post

Sorry, I meant DT880 not the 990...


Get the DT880 PREMIUM, not the Pro. Bass was fixed when they were updated. Just make sure to get the right edition 32ohm, 250ohm, 600ohm for the amp you're pairing it to. Try to aim for 600ohm, but the 32ohm isn't much different.

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990s are great, if youre a bass player you'll love them, the soundstage is amazing and they are very revealing, and they are VERY FUN too. 

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How about those new Shures? the SRH940 or are they just another FOTM?

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You had mentioned finding some other DT series cans sort of muffled. I can't at all imagine the 880 being described that way. I have had the Grado sound for years, which whatever detractors might say it won't be that Grados are muffled, and I have not found the 880 to be at all a less revealing/engaging sound, just different. Tons of detail and very articulate and plenty fast as best I can tell. Really very nice and quite balanced.

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yeah, but my experience from DTs ate the DT150 and DT770pro/80 which are known to be not so crisp and transparent...

I've tried a friend's DT880/600ohm for just 1 or 2 minutes which seemed to be a lot lot better...

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