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NYS231 guide

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You'd think it would be easy to find out what is what about these plugs. Well i couldn't find answers. the big one is ground. is the round one left and the square pole right?



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You could just use a multimeter to find out.


Last I checked, the left post is left, the right post is right, and the bottom is ground. Simple as that.

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Look at it. The tip of the plug is L channel, the ring is R channel and the sleeve is ground. The connections run coaxially through the plug, so obviously the L channel would have to be the innermost conductor, the R channel the next, and the ground or sleeve the outermost. You should be able to tell by looking at the contacts what order they are in and which is which.


A meter (DMM) works as well :)

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Another tip, the shortest lug is the tip (left, the second shortest is the ring (right) and the biggest lug is ground. Same order as the actual plug.

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yeah i ask because there is nothing that is coaxial or short. they are all the same except the ground which is bigger. The only difference is rounded or square. ill just use a conductivity checker. its simple. enough.

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Don't know about your NYS231s, but mine have a shorter lug for left, longer for right, on the respective sides, and the big one for ground.

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