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Well to be honest.. I don't want to answer you these questions because I don't consider myself capable of investigating the sound qualities. I am not confident enough in my "ear'' skills to tell you whether the lows/mids/highs are good/perfect/incomplete etc.

However I can help with this:
When I was looking for over-ear headphones my price range was ~100$ (plus/minus 20$). I listen rock/metal music mainly and I was in deep consideration which one from these 3 to choose:

1) Sony MDR-ZX700 --> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xgJ3jIVU1f8  By far the best review I have found
2) Audio-Technica ATH-M50 --> It is said a lot for them in this forum (but 2,5m cord length is probably a stop-sign for you)

3) Creative Aurvana Live!  ( CALs) www.amazon.com/Creative-EF0060-Aurvana-Live-Headphones/dp/B000ZJZ7OA/ref=sr_1_3?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1325643505&sr=1-3
Fair to say, I ended up with Sony because I found them for 75$. + I knew their isolation is superior to the others.


Look up the videos in youtube made by "InnerFidelity" no doubt they'll be really helpful for you.


(I find them with GREAT balance if you're interested.. but for David Guettta kind of music I am sure you can find headphones with more interesting sounding) Sony MDR-ZX700 is said to be perfect for jazz music (as it is perfectly balanced, they say) but you can EQ them fairly well too.


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I have the sony mdr zx500 and I think it sounds great for the price. The bass is there however the mid is where the zx series shines. The zx500 mids and highs are very clear and crisp. Can't tell you enough how clear it is. The bass depending on the song can be deep and clear or lacking. I use the zx500 without an amp and it seems to sound fine on my ipod nano 4th generation on bass booster. However I am getting an amp (fiio e11) just because it does have an ohms of 70. If they do improve with the amp can't tell you how awesome it will sound. Will be getting the amp very soon!   By the way I have the review of the zx500 if you want to see it.
 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uU5lWeZZh-I.  First review for headphones.
BTW about the comfort it sucks. The cups are very shallow and will hit your ears. The padding what so ever does not help at all. I usually where them for an hour before I have to take it off from the pain on the ears. Other then that the zx500 is great. 
Just recieved the amp. That was pretty fast! With the amp these headphones sound like :O. I thought they sounded great without the amp however with the amp they sound less tinier and very up forward. The bass is a bit more forward, mids smooths out and the highs still very clear but lowered. Volumewise 30% volume with the amp = 75% without the amp.
They sound great!!!!! Best thing is the amp is almost the same size of my ipod nana 4th generation. Very portable


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zx700 are far more better value than zx500

zx500 look cheap in my opinion, and came out to be really uncomfortable on my head

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sound quality wise does the zx700 have a huge difference between the zx500. 

Plus withe the fiio e11 amp i just bought do you think the zx700 will benefit from them?

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well difference there is ... I would say the sonicstage is much richer in zx700

Apart from that .. I dunno, for sound quality I won't say zx700 is a HUGE difference from 500.
But believe me, as build quality - they are nothing the same. ZX700 simply deserves it's money as they will cleeeeeeearly last much much much longer and are much much more comfortable .. and with much much better isolation.


As for the amp (I just guess).. you sony zx500 benefits more from it, as it is 70ohm. Although you've found (I guess) you have enough power and volume without the amp. I tried the zx700 with amp once and prooobably a difference occur .. it made the bass a little higher is what I felt and that's it. For me it is unnecessary device when combined with the zx700, but yes.. it adds something to the sound (something imperceptible for me).

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I can vouch for the ZX700 anytimegs1000.gif. I use it with my clip zip with FiiO e11 and with my walkman A829 without an amp. best sq for the price! Instrument seperation is superb. really nice build and stylish.very comfortable for long hours.  isolation and leakage is a only a little notch lower than the hd 25-1 II but IMO equal to the M50 and better than the aurvana live. Go for it!

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I just bought the ZX500 for $29 new.  I plan on comparing it to the ZX700 and report back.  Stay tuned.

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Originally Posted by HiFiGuy528 View Post

I just bought the ZX500 for $29 new.  I plan on comparing it to the ZX700 and report back. 

I got to listen the ZX500 for a brief period at the store from Sony MP3 player. I didn't like them because of piercing highs. Sony XB300 gave warmer, much more pleasant sound. 

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Hey hifiguy528 i was just wondering would the zx700 be a big difference compared to the zx500. I heard from a different source that there isn't much of a big difference besides sound stage. wondering what ur opinion is. The zx500 paired with the fiio e11 sounds like the ath m50 but with more bass. Also I would really like to own another pair that sounds like zx series but with a bit more bass with detachable cables. You of any? Shure seems to have some but the cord is to long for portable use

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The ZX700 is closer to Z1000 than the ZX500. The ZX500 reminds me of the V500 in terms of sound signature. The ZX700 is a bit more refined with better lows.
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I just hve to say the comfort on the zx700 is 100x better than the zx500. Been squishing the headband for a long time lol


Not sure if its because I have the mdr zx700ip but it seems like the mid bass is lacking compared to the zx500? 


Here is a video comparing the two. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xuYxyXc6wB4&feature=plcp

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Although its kind of irrelevant, i compared the zx700 with xb700 just to let others know how different a headphone with more bass and a headphone with more mid/vocal can be. I would say I'm more of a basshead and the xb700 is probably a better fit for me than the zx700. However the bass on the zx700 is good however not enough volume as the xb700. 


Heres a link



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