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Seattle 8/20/11 meet impressions - Page 4  

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Holy smokes, went straight for the big guns. Congrats on the BADA, look forward to hearing it. Now you need a usb to aes/ebu converter. I heard it is the best input on the bada.

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Haha...I guess you can say that, but after the Rega DAC I got the crazy idea that I didn't want to settle for just a marginal improvement or sidestep.  Hopefully I can move some of the unused gear I have and that will go most of the way to defraying the cost.  As for the inputs, the dealer I auditioned it at originally had a Lenovo running via a usb to SPDIF BNC, I think, and that already sounded plenty good, and I can imagine using the AES connector may be even better.  Right now I'm stuck with the optical TOSLINK, but even that is pretty darn sweet.

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Originally Posted by Equus View Post

Haha...I guess you can say that, but after the Rega DAC I got the crazy idea that I didn't want to settle for just a marginal improvement or sidestep.

yeah you know what i was trying to tell you.!!!  I think i will be following suit soon enough!

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Originally Posted by Wharfrat View Post
We never did have a chance to meet, but I was not actively asking for you despite bringing a pair of ATH-AD2ks for your Gilmore Lite amp.  What were you wearing...the clothes, ya know, so I can put a head with a face on the bod....and recall where i might have seen you in the crowd....


I spotted a Gilmore Lite on the same table next to Curbfeeler's rig...but no one stationed there...was that yours?

Yeah that was my setup. My meet MO is always to set stuff up and then leave the table. I never really stuck to any one spot very long, but I was probably the only other Asian-looking guy there apart from Equus. I wasn't looking for you at the meet either, so I guess we're even. tongue.gif But hopefully you tried those AD2Ks out on the GL.


Anyway, so I was going to post the rest of the pics a few days ago but got held up from uh, other things that happened over the weekend, so here they are now:


Parasound D/AC-2000 and P/LD-2000



Queen Anne Library



Bass Mekanik - Quad Maximus



Bottlehead Audio's table



member tables



more member tables



Equus' rig



more member tables



folks packin' back up





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Ethan: where was the place you got the BADA at?  Sounds like someplace I haven't been to yet because I rarely see DACs offered by the usual suspects...


BTW, good luck with the condo purchase...certainly will age you..but at least you will have more room for more gear....

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Auditioned the DAC at Madrona Digital over in Bellevue.  Their website seems to indicate they do mostly installations and the like, but they do sell stuff too.  I actually bought the DAC used from a local seller though.


Thanks for the good wishes.  Have the signed paperwork and went through inspection, so we're rolling right along.  Man the amount of paperwork and contracts involved is CRAZY though.

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BTW, PM me when you are thinking of off-loading the Stacker II...(not soon, I hope...LOL).


T' care.

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Yeah...upgrading then moving seems to bring out the inventory purger in me.  wink_face.gif

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Anyone going to canjam?

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Just in case people don't know about next meet:

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