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Originally Posted by CyBeR View Post

You make it sound like they won't even work without an amp which is patently untrue. I drive them out of my macbook pro all the time without issue. Admittedly my iPhone has some trouble getting good volume though.




Buying expensive headphones that require amplification to reproduce the sound they're capable of (the purpose of even getting the headphones) means that yes, they do require amplification. Working and being able to perform at least close to what they should perform at are two different things. Just because you can hear the volume doens't mean it's actually producing the sound it was built to produce. A lot of onboard/soundcards can actually produce volume for ~250~300ohm headphones. But again, until you hear the same headphones on real powered amplification, you're not even using the headphones at the level they were designed for. And they do sound different.


So if you're in this boat, I hope an amp comes your way soon.


My Sansa Fuze can produce volume on the 600ohm Beyer DT990's. Do they require amplification? Oh yes. Yes indeed.


Very best,


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Hi, almost everything has been said, but I wanted to add my input. I got a pair of Beyer as described in my signature and I can tell you that if you enjoy your DT 800 as much as I enjoy mine, you'll be a very happy customer :P  These headphones are incredible for the price. They need proper amplification to really shine, but trust me, you won't regret your purchase if you're willing to give these babies a decent amp.

Prefer these (DT 880 600ohm) versur the much more expensive Denon AH-D7000 I had recently.

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Again thank you guys. I went ahead and ordered them. Thought since I was going for an amp I may as well treat myself to the 600ohm set. I was under no illusion from my own research and from what people had said here that they would require amplification to work at there best that being said for both the 250ohm +. It's a shame I have to wait for the postman. The excitement is killing me now.

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