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JVC HA FX700 or ATH CK10

Poll Results: Which is better?

  • 77% (7)
    JVC HA FX700
  • 22% (2)
    ATH CK10
9 Total Votes  
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Hi, guys, as said above, which is more fun? I already have the DBA-02s which i'm liking ALOT, but want to try some dynamic earphones, or more importantly.... show em to the beats crowd so just tell me what you think alrite? Answers from people who have, or used to have both IEMs in question will be appreciated.

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Seeing as the CK10 is a BA, it must be te other one then.

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That is right, Ck10 uses similar BA transducers to DBA02, so you must have gotten confused.

Apart from FX700, you can get handful of Dynamic like FXt90 or Radius DDMs..

FX700 stands out as most expensive of all Dynamic Japanese models, but if you have $400 to spare why not get the best one!

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Hi, from sg too :) u should try out the radius DDM2 if u have the chance. lots of bass. If your condition is that the IEM must be fun then dynamics mostly win BAs already

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hi, thanks for the response guys what do you think of the FX700 vs FXT90? FWIR the FXT90s seem to improve alot with burn in?

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As far as "fun dynamics" go, give the Monster Miles Davis some serious consideration.

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