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For Sale: Half Priced Stuff - lot for $30

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For Sale:
Half Priced Stuff - lot for $30

Will Ship To: usa

Half Off Today, will sell all of the below items for $30, just trying to clear things out.



Dunu EX150 Earbuds - $15


These earbuds are 150 ohm and part of Dunus new lineup.  I don't have any portable amps for them so they have been sitting on the desk totally unused.  Comes with some extra pads and original box.


A Sansa Fuze custom built LOD - $15


Recently, I've started to notice some minor bass distortion through this LOD.  I am not sure if it is real or not, as I have been using much higher quality self built LODs and my ears seem to be used to them, so I'll sell this nice little lod for cheaper than I feel comfortable :)


BeB HDSS 27 IEMS - $25


BeBs latest balanced set of IEMs.  They have a really nice mid range and highs experience.  It was their attempt at a balanced signature.  Very comfortable and have really nice neutral clarity and presentation.


BeB Blue Ever Blue The Blacks Earbuds  - $10


Unopened package, brand new



9wave NW Studio - $15


This was the beta set given to me about a year ago and the first set to be released for review.  They come with colored pads as well as extra black pads


BeB Blue Ever Blue The Reds IEMs - $15


These IEMs are lovely, warm and fun sound.  Very small and very comfortable and come with extra IEM tips.  One of my favorite budget IEMs.


V-Moda Faders - $10


These are not earphones, they are just earplugs in the shape of iems.  They work really nicely.


Interconnect - $35


This interconnect is the best I have ever owned.  It is solid and weighty, feels great and sounds great.  Excellent clarity and build quality.  


Colorfly Stock Plush carrying case - $10


The case is absolutely gorgeous and lush.  Very soft and has ends that you pull to close the top end.  Great bag/case for media players or small earphones.  


Blox M2C - Sold








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tempting :)

what do I need for warranty? is it transferable? thanks

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still available

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added a few new things :)

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Pm Sent

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