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For Sale:
Asus 1215n 12.1 inch netbook

Will Ship To: Continental US

Got an Asus 1215n around christmas of 2010. Looking to sell it for 400 USD OBO. It has never been opened or modded in any way, I only used it for college work. I've upgraded the OS to windows 7 Pro, and I'll keep that on here if you want. If you dont, I can wipe the drive clean and include the driver CD, original box, updated drivers on a CD, and all that other fancy jazz plus all documentation and my warranty card, good for 2 years. Its not good for playing audio through the headphone jack, but its great for a portable work station, esp. if you've got a portable dac or some such thing.

It gets about 6-10 hours of battery life depending on what you're doing with it. I dont want it because I'm a diehard linux fan and the Nvidia Optimus GPU inside of it is not supported by linux. Also it is a huge pain keeping it in sync with my other laptop. I am in the market for an HP DM1Z, which has a dedicated GPU and is linux compatible. The laptop is in pristine condition. It just needs to be wiped down with a damn cloth. the area in the top right next to the escape key is slightly scratched from being in my backpack but thats the only damage it's ever taken.