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I've owned my Kicas Caliente for approx. 2 years now, and am totally in love with it... It brings out the best of all my headphones. My Senn HD650, Denon AH-D2000, and Grado SR325is all sound fantastic when plugged into the Caliente. Then about six months ago I purchased the Audio Technica ATH-M50 exclusively for work, because I work outside and wanted isolation plus good sound. No amp, I just ran it out of my Zune 120. My biggest "WOW' moment was when I brought them home and ran them out of the Caliente. Deeper but tighter bass, here's the mid-range, the highs are smooth as ever, and sound stage opened up nicely; it was like the D2000's and the SR325is had a child and the ATH-M50 inherited the best attributes from both. I tried to order another one a few months ago, and discovered they weren't building amps anymore but would resume. But again today still no Purity Audio... Can anyone recommend a SS amp with the same qualities as the Kicas Caliente under $700.00 (maybe alittle more if nessesary). Thanks