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Happy, and wondering.

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 Hello head-fi,


I recently, actually VERY recently purchased the fiio e7+e9 combo. That's incredibly exciting for me at least because it took me about 6 months to work up to it. But now I am presented with the issue of which headphones to get. I have a pair of Sennhiser hd280s and MTPCs, but I want a good pair of high end headphones to actually enjoy the amp. It's going to take me a while to save up, so the cheaper the better, but I don't want to be going too cheap. My three choices so far are:


 Fischer FA-003- hap, amazing value for money.


 HD600- My all time favourite. Perfectl neutral and amazing soundstage/airiness


 Denon ahD2000- I've been looking at thee and have been reccomended to these. I would want the Jmoney pds as well so that woulddefiniely add some price.


 Any othr suggesions etc. would be appreciated, and just post a reply if you ave any good heaphone for sale for a nice price. I don't care about cosmetics, just functionality.


 Thanks in advance,





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They look like good choices.


You could also save money with the Fostex T50RP and mod it to make it sound better.


If the U.S. won't ship directly to Dubai I believe www.viaddress.com may help.



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