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My Thoughts Of the New Sony Walkman A865

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To start of with, the anticipation for this new Sony Walkman is rather disappointing, alot of people are not impressed with the new line up of Walkmans, little has been said about it, it seems to bring nothing new, compared to previous Walkmans, actually it brings less features. like NO OLED SCREEN. NO WIFI. STILL NO EXTERNAL STORAGE and  STILL NOT SUPPORTING FLAC etc. so the big question is, whats the point? why get this mp3 player. when it offers so little in features compared to other players? that was the questions i was still asking myself when handing over my hard earned cash.

before i start. if you are looking far a do it all media player. this is not it. it is a music player pure and simple, .

This is One gorgeous looking mp3 player. it is first much nicer than i thought it would be. it perfectly fits in the hand and feels amazing when you hold it. it is thinner than i thought it would be, for me it is one sexy looking mp3 player. it  has a home button on the front. and volume, hold and pause back and forward buttons on one side of the player. they do not ruin the sleekness of the device and i find hard buttons on a touch screen device very handy. 

double tapping to register) its alot more smoother and quicker in operation, basically it is extremely enjoyable to use. something that the x series and the non touchscreen A845 was slightly lacking.

IAM SO GLAD THAT THEY DID NOT PUT EXTRAS LIKE BROWSER WIFI ETC. IT IS VERY ANNOYING WHEN A FEATURE IS AVAILABLE/VISIBLE, BUT U CANT USE IT BECAUSE ITS HORRIBLE.  Sony must have been listening. and just concentrated on what matters for music lovers .....................

the sound quality is amazing. having and loving the warm and dark sound of the x series. some people do not like the sound of Sony and often suggest to other members equ. rockbox etc. well i loved the sound of the x series, and for me no ipods, or over praised Sana's could touch the x series Walkman. and by that i mean, with every other player, i could listen to it only a certain amount of time before it starts exhausting my ears. it tired me out with the music beginning to sound like one muffled noise. the series or rather the  s master amp had such amazing instrument separation. and it did something to the low end spectrum where if you closed your eyes you can see the space between instruments. that's a very weird way of describing  it. but its the only way i can. i could listen to  the Sony x series for hours on end.

i dont know what or how Sony did it but they have managed to improve the sound on the A865 not only is the instrument separation amazing, it for me has a improved soundstage as well, the signature warmth of the x series is there buts its tighter. clearer. and more powerful, a bit like a hybrid of the powerful sound of older Walkmans with the warmth. depth and clarity of the newer Walkmans (a series x series)  made into one. Perfection.



overall this is a music player and nothing, but what an amazing player Sony managed to pull of. 

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Will you be able to put a few pics up? This Walkman has a new S Master amp in it.  Sounds like it is an improvement!

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Yeah I thought mx was just advertising. I couldn't imagine how they could make it sound better. But somehow they managed to do it. I hope people post thier thoughts about this mp3 player aswell. I think a lot will be delightfully suprised. There are what others might call let downs. Like no oled display, and while the screen is still Sharp the vivid colours of the a845 aren't there anymore. I won't be watching any movies on it due to the memory capacity and the small screen, but like I said if you are looking for a do it all player than u will be dissapointed. But as a music player. The found. The looks. And the ui, then its perfect
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Just waiting for 64GB version now.

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Yeah the waiting for the 64gb is a wise choice. I believe that the 16gb is limiting. And if I wasn't desperate for an mp3 player since my x series broke, I definetly would have prefered more storage. But currently my whole music library consists of 7 gb and I have a further 7 to play around with. I will watch videos on my phone which has better res screen anyway unrolled the ps vita comes out. Watching movies on that will be a dream, plus gaming looks really good too. That's why I bought the walkman for music only and nothing else. Because walkman is small I don't mind carrying it with me at all times. I will post pics of it in my hand as it is much smaller than my judgment from the pics. Anyway can't wait for others to get thier hands on it. And post thier thoughts about it. So far I love it.
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Very nice pics. I like the simple design but looks all plastic.

I really like sony's signature sound. My A726 sounds much more musical than any other player i have. In fact in terms of soundstage depth & instrument seperation/placement i haven't heard a better portable.

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wow! you are world FIRST impression on a860....wat is the stock earphone that come with it and both noise cancelling and bluetooth are there?

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U get the ex 300 earphones which Iam not using. Plus this has not get the noise canceling feature any more. I have not been using the cancelling noise feature before because it only worked with supplied earphones. plus noise isolating earphones do a better job. It does seem to look plastic in the photos. At least that's what I thought when I saw photos of it.but it looks and feels much better in real life. Kind of like what the x series looked like on pictures. Bluetooth is there which might good for streaming music to and from devices but I have not tried this feature yet. So I can't really comment on it yet. I can't wait for other users views and reviews of this walkman.
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Does this new Walkman offer gapless playback? Most Walkmans always have gaps between track and track, so I was wondering if Sony had fixed this issue with the new A series.

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Wow, that is some sweet lookin' pRon!!!

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So it's RMMA will be like this......

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I love my A818 but miss having a radio on it and the non standard connector is a pain. I bought a clip, and while the SQ for music is great, the FM reception is so bad, it might as well not have it. I also prefer the buttons and navigation on the Sony. I miss real buttons on the iPod touch. I like to repalce the A818 with something with more capacity.


Does this A865 have a radio?



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Originally Posted by Inks View Post

So it's RMMA will be like this......

This is scary :(

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If anything I get skeptical whenever a Sony DAP has the so called S-Master amp. All the S-master amp Sonys aren't that great....

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