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£60 headphones

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Im looking for some £60 headphones, that dont require an amp and generally have good sound quality for hip hop and rap like music :)

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i was thinking of the HD428's

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no one?

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I want to recommend Superlux hd668B but i might be overrecommend, lol.

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Originally Posted by proid View Post

I want to recommend Superlux hd668B but i might be overrecommend, lol.

You mightbiggrin.gif


also, if you go the Superlux route, the 681 may be a better choice for hip hop


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even without an amp? or maybe with a Fiio E5?

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are they better than say a HD215?

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Originally Posted by masuuuuud View Post

are they better than say a HD215?

Sure, it's better, it's require an amp to sound its best but i can get very loud volume and great sound even with onboard audio card or an ipod touch. If you want better sound, you should save some more money to buy a warm amp like cmoy bb.

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What constitutes a rap song? Heavy bass? If so, then the HD428s might not be suitable for your needs. 

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not neceserily heavy, but good punch bass

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Is David Guetta hip hop? 


If it is I'll try give impressions, but you gotta wait about an hour :x

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Ooh so I spent more than 30 minutes writing a review and then accidentally exit'd Chrome. lol.


I've modded my HD438s to be bassier, so take this w/ a grain of salt. 


Anyhow, these are not very good for rap songs since the bass tends to be a little too loud. Eminem's vocals and the tiny little things in his songs (glass shattering etc) are played back well, just the whole bass thingie that ruins the balance.


They sound great playing songs like Snow (Red Hot Chilli Pepper), Shadowplay (The Killers version, JD's version is too badly recorded), Big Jet Plane (Angus and Julia Stone) and the detail retrieval and instrument separation is quite good on Avenged Sevenfold's songs. Playing David Guetta on Foobar sounds veiled, which can be easily overcome with EQing. 


I always set foobar to a Home Theater eq preset to widen sound stage and improve on the clarity. 


Verdict: My HD438s sound a lot better with EQing (imo) and they're not really suitable for rap/hip hop. 


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i found a good deal on the sony XB700's apparently they are quite good

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Goldring dr150 £39-95 delivered from peter tyson or superfi/amazon, or goldring ns1000 £50-£60.


Absolutely nothing else even gets remotely close at even £130 let alone £60.


I would say the only genuine upgrade from the Goldring dr150 (disregarding ns1000 which are better than the dr150) is £169.99 sennheiser HD600 but they need a powerful headphone amp.


At £40 delivered the goldring dr150 should not be passed up under any circumstances and nor should the ns1000 at £60 they are amazing headphones for the money and have great synergy with the cheapo E5 amp.


If were me I would get the ns1000 they have to be heard to be believed an e5 amp later on and you'll be in heaven , pretty sure they are capable of putting some heavy hitters round these here parts to shame.

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So you would recommend the ns1000? Does it have good bass/ sound staging? Cause I'm liking the sony xb700
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